(and master your light) IN JUST 9 MONTHS


7 Certifications in 1!
 At the All-in-one Transcend Academy, Mastery of Light Immersive Master Coach Training and Mastermind, you get accredited as a board-certified

  • Master Life & Success Coach
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Master EFT Practitioner
  • Master T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner
  • Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • ENLP™️ Facilitator
  • Trauma Recovery Master Practitioner™️

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Mastery of Light


Mastery of Light

Mastery of Light is an Internationally Accredited Master Coaching Certification for passionate coaches, healers, light workers, and service-based entrepreneurs, motivated to perfect their craft, generate powerful results, and be a part of a community, sisterhood, and mastermind that is sure to hold themselves to a higher standard and quality of impact, influence, and income.

What Some of Our Fave Students Have to Say About Transcend Academy…

If you are wondering if now is the time, it is. Choose you, choose the higher version of you and step fully into your desires.

I had been looking for a coaching certification for a few months and searched on Instagram for different NLP, EFT practitioners when I found Rachel Joy. I knew that Transcend Academy was the perfect fit for me. I was blown away by the amount of support, teachings, community and energy that TA had to offer. I had been coaching a few clients but I really wanted to be certified and not only have the tools and resources to help myself and peel back the layers but be able to offer this to my clients as well. I am so grateful to be a part of the TA community. The new friendships that I've created, the new skills I have, the shift in my confidence in who I am, what I do and how I help people has allowed me to continue to step into the higher version of myself. If you are wondering if now is the time, it is. Choose you, choose the higher version of you and step fully into your desires. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. XO.


I have multiple certifications and degrees that have allowed me to practice coaching, provide great education and tools to my clients. However, TA provides an extra and very important tool that is the missing link...

I have no words to describe how grateful I am for having been connected to Transcend Academy. The amount of knowledge and resources offered are priceless, and the network and connection with like-minded people that is in this container is so special and empowering. We not only learn great information, but we get FULLY immersed in what we learn, we live it and experience it, so when we practice this in our clients, we know exactly what they will feel and the massive change that is going to cause on them. I have multiple certifications and degrees that have allowed me to practice coaching, provide great education and tools to my clients. However, TA provides an extra and very important tool that is the missing link that allows coaches to create real, deep, and lasting change through speaking the language of the subconscious mind, working at an identity level, and shifting the clients’ limiting beliefs that are keeping them from stepping into their higher self. The quality of mentorship is extraordinary and the friendships and potential collaborations that you find in this community are one of the biggest gifts that Transcend Academy provides. I am very proud of being a TA Graduate! 


Joining TA was hands-down the best decision + best investment I have made thus far. 

Joining TA was hands-down the best decision + best investment I have made thus far. About a year ago, I had seen Rachel posting about it + was curious but it wasn't the right time due to just signing up for another program. I instantly felt connected to Rachel, her energy + the magic of TA. I quickly signed up for the next round. I've invested in a lot of programs based on strategy and TA was different for me because it was so much more than that. Sure TA hosts business calls + you can ask business questions but the magic is in the subconscious reprogramming. Not only did I become certified in 6 incredible modalities/certifications, but I was also able to focus on mindset + the inner work. The program is literally life-changing, and I don't know of anything else out there. Rachel + the team hold you accountable, offer support + you get to experience the magic of NLP first-hand. I'm so excited to add these offerings to my business coaching to further up-level my clients!


When You Visualize Your Future Self,
Do You...

  • See yourself on stage speaking to thousands, & creating an impact in their lives with your unique abilities?
  • See yourself waking up to new messages from media publications, people who want the results you have, & dream partnerships?
  • Hear the *ping* of messages from clients that you are deeply grateful for, and people you genuinely care about, sharing their wins and breakthroughs they've had, as a result of your love, guidance and support?
  • Hear your inner voice screaming with joy saying, "thank you, thank you, thank you...I freaking did it!" as you look back on all that you envisioned? 
  • Feel confident and powerful AF, because you know without a doubt the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources you have WORK & create powerful lasting transformation?

If any or all of those, align with what you want, you're in the right place. Transcend Academy provides you with a deep healing immersive experience that has the student go through a profound transformation first. Through this transformation, not only do you reach your highest potential, but you are then qualified, certified, and board recognized, to then teach others how to do the same. It is in the BEING that you become your happiest, highest self, not the SEEING. Transcend Academy™ values the importance of experiential learning. Aside from the comprehensive curriculum, your experience as a student makes this the world's best internationally recognized and multi-modality Coaching Certification program! 

program benefits


program benefits
  • 7 internationally recognized and accredited Certifications in Master Life & Success Coaching, Master NLP, Master EFT, Master T.I.M.E. Techniques, Master Hypnotherapy, and ENLP™️ 
  • Lifetime access to scientific and proven pre-study modules, and membership portal teaching powerful Master Practitioner level NLP, EFT, and hypnosis techniques to facilitate your own inner transformation, and help you become the best coach and sales ninja you can be!
  • 7-day live immersion coaching event to create radical transformation in yourself and others. (Travel & accommodations not included)
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching directly with Rachel via Telegram
  • Monthly Technique Mastery Calls, and Business Coaching Calls, as well as occasional guest speakers for maximum growth! 
  • Immersive virtual retreat to connect and kick things off with a BANG, with your trainers and your coaching sisters!
  • Private Telegram Messaging Community 
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to results-driven coaching call replays, learning portal, guest speakers, and additional courses in mindset, Law of Attraction & spirituality, and business development
  • Invest in full and receive $1,073 in savings PLUS 3, 30 min. Sessions with Rachel ($1,665 value)

If you're ready to become a highly sought after, effective, and influential coach or change maker, then you're in the right place! Here's why...

the face
the program

Rachel, the Founder of Transcend Academy has an extensive background in mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness prior to working her way to becoming a Certified Trainer in Life & Success Coaching, NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and the Transcend Academy Coaching Method; A trauma sensitive and immersive approach to coaching.  Business and online marketing is also a natural ability to her, and has worked alongside many top industry leaders. 

Rachel takes a unique approach to generate freedom in her clients' lives. While she focuses on online marketing and business strategy, she stresses the importance of the mind-body connection, and that being the foundation for anything you want to create in life and biz. Rachel is a power facilitator of transformational change, and certifies and guides other women to do the same, through her signature program, Transcend Academy; an accredited certification, designed with the high-level support of a business mastermind, and the immersive experience of a spiritual retreat. Rachel is extremely passionate about helping women claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams.




How can you facilitate transformation if you have yet to experience a deep healing and immersive experience that provides a quantum shift and a 360-degree transformation in your own life and business? Transcend Academy's™ primary focus is to help transform their clients into their happiest, healthiest, highest selves as a result of experiencing the tools and techniques within the curriculum. Through the being and doing of these lessons, the client not only experiences a powerful transformation of their own, but also becomes qualified to facilitate transformation for others.



It starts with the idea. The vision. Who are you really? Why are you here? You cannot serve effectively when you are unable to stand confidently in your truth, which lies in your identity. Your values affect your beliefs, your thoughts and beliefs effect your feelings, your feelings affect your actions, which therefore, effect your results. Some of life's deepest questions can be identified and solved by getting to the core of these questions.



With clarity, then comes action. To actualize - not just the understanding, knowledge, and ability to facilitate transformation - but to actualize the vision of your business and who you want to serve. You will be supported, not only on an emotional level, but also on your journey to building a profitable and successful business.



NLP is the study and road map to the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is responsible for up to 99.996% of all our behaviors. When we understand how the subconscious mind works, we can then apply tools and techniques to shift debilitating thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors to create a new identity that serves your client and yourself in achieving your goals. Knowledge and experience in NLP also makes you a more successful and influential entrepreneur. When you understand how the mind listens and accepts language, you can then use it to enhance and drive sales within your business while maintaining a positive customer experience.



While NLP is powerful, I find my clients have the best results by combining it with other spiritual practices, such as Kundalini yoga, connection to source, tapping into your intuition, universal laws, and energy work, along with strategy. The strategy is used in both decision making and execution of goals and plans in both life and business. 



There is currently a lot of superficial talk in the industry about income goals, which is damaging to the industry and aspiring coaches within it. Transcend Academy™ is far more interested in connection, community, and contribution for its clients, rather than income generation. When one shows up in their truth and serves from a place of authenticity and alignment, abundance is a natural bi-product. It is our passion to teach our students how to generate abundance in all areas of their lives from a place of authenticity and integrity. Transcend Academy™ is largely focused on creating a community that breeds connection and contribution between its students and the outside world, in order to create a larger impact. Often, when entrepreneurs aren't seeing results in their business, it is because they aren't attached to a big enough WHY. The Transcend Academy™ Coaching Method supports clients in stepping fully into their purpose by giving back in ways they desire. Additionally 10% of each enrollment goes to an organization of our choice collectively, on each students behalf. This enrollment period we will be donating to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 



If the subconscious mind runs 99.996% of the show, it is imperative to work with the subconscious mind to create lasting change. The subconscious mind learns and listens best when you are in "peak state." That means that at TA, we don't sit at a desk and passively learn. Students are immersed in an active learning environment that uses their physiology in a variety of ways to not only experience the teachings first hand, but to grasp the teachings and integrate them into their subconscious, creating new neural pathways so that they can easily and effortlessly reach for their tools whenever they desire to share them with their clients, family, or friends.



The coaching industry is unregulated. This means there's a sea of coaches out there who want to create impact, but aren't quite sure how. There are many coaches that aren't quite equipped to deal with the level of seriousness of the situations their clients are facing, and may unintentionally end up causing them more harm than good. There are also aspiring entrepreneurs that jump into the coaching industry because they've bought into the superficial hype about making loads of money for doing this work. Being certified by Transcend Academy™ will allow you to be recognized as a qualified coach through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. This recognition sets you apart from the rest and is a way to hold yourself and your business to a certain standard and command higher prices, with quality control and authority behind you.



Transcend Academy™ Coaches are dedicated to themselves, their clients, and the impact they are here to make. They hold themselves to a higher standard and show up every day. They know that it's with this dedication that they are able to step fully into their own freedom-based lifestyle, and are able to create the same for others.

This Program Is
Perfect For
You If...

You identify as a certified coach and practitioner in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching, and are ready to continue your studies to become a MASTER COACH & PRACTITIONER!

You're ready to master the tips and tricks of the top leaders in the personal development and business industry to reach peak performance.

You envision yourself on stage as a top trainer, speaker, or leader using your experience, knowledge, and unique abilities helping others expand in some way.

You want to create an income and sustainable business doing what you love!

You're ready, willing, and able to invest your time, energy, and resources into yourself and others, and be committed to doing life and business with a group of like-minded women!

You're ready to step fully into your power and become highly sought after in the work that you do, as you are one of the BEST of the best within your niche for the transformational results that you get your clients! 


What Some of Our Students Have to Say About Transcend Academy…

"I have signed more clients, gotten clear on my message, and increased my prices"

"Joining TA is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. After hearing Rachel speak on Lori Harder’s podcast, I just knew then I had to join. Now having just stepped out the live 5-day immersion to complete certification, I am absolutely buzzing, filled with love and connection and totally pumped to be sharing these tools and techniques within my coaching practice and with my audience. I feel like I finally have the missing piece to the puzzle. 

The support, guidance and love that I have received from both Rachel and Ashley throughout the program is like nothing I have ever received... and I’ve done my fair share of certifications and coaching programs. Nothing tops this, that’s for sure! Having business coaching both group and 1:1 in TA has been a game changer. I have signed more clients, gotten clear on my message, and increased my prices. I have felt supported, loved, and guided throughout the whole journey.

 The value in TA is like nothing I have ever come across, I mean I’ve actually invested the same amount in 1:1 coaching programs in the past... without 5 certifications and bunch of other bonuses. One I thing I know for sure, you won’t regret joining! I’m super excited to be moving on to Mastery of Light to become a master practitioner - the investment was a no brainer for me! 

 Thank you, Rachel, for making this all possible and for being an inspiring mentor, coach, and teacher. I manifested you, TA, and the community into my life and I hope to have you in my life for a long time ahead. So much love and gratitude."

Victoria Craig Business + Success Coach

"Transcend Academy was the missing link into my dream life."

"Transcend Academy has been so much more than just a certification in 6 kickass techniques to help others change their lives. It has gifted me with a true permanent lifestyle change in my own life, business and dreams. I’ve always been the quitter, who leaves things undone, who doesn’t believe in her worth, who desires to control every single aspect in her life and who often found herself stuck with no sign of moving forward.

 Being a part of TA and working with Rachel has given me the techniques and tools to surrender, to surrender to my truth, to my dreams, to a source bigger than me who is in control, it has given me the courage to release fear and create change at a subconscious level to a point where I no longer quit, I constantly show up. It has given me the certainty and the trust in knowing that my desires are being manifested, that my dreams are constantly in the works and that my purpose is being divinely laid before me. It has taught me how to flow into the life I deserve, into my personal worth and into complete certainty that all my dreams and desires are here and now.

 I am becoming, I am evolving, I am creating the highest version I always dreamed of. Now, my passion is to pass these teaching on to other women to create a ripple effect in the world. Transcend Academy was the missing link into my dream life."

Ashleigh Montalvo Life & Success Coach

"I can’t recommend this course enough."

"Joining TA has already been life changing in so many ways, and the program hasn’t even officially started yet! The confidence and self trust I feel already in my own capabilities, ideas and talents blows my mind! The support, community, content… it is all exactly what I was looking for and more. 

When I found Rachel Joy and this program it finally felt like the missing pieces were falling into place. What I have learned so far from Rachel and TA is that the messages that are coming to me are coming to me for a reason.

I am here to do great things and it gets to be easy! As one of our amazing guest speakers Harriette Hale reminded us of in one of her trainings about Money Mindset was to ask ourselves when we face challenges ‘how can I apply a high vibration to what I am now facing and completely unsubscribe to everything that is not?’ This quote has stuck with me and sums up what this program is all about! How to live our purpose, our dharma, transform ourselves so we can help others do the same and together help raise the vibration of the planet. How to learn the tools to stay high vibe and the tools to unsubscribe to all that is not. And with us get certified and trained in doing so! 

I can’t recommend this course enough and it hasn’t officially started yet. That says a lot about the powermama Rachel Joy and her visions are. Thank you for connecting with me."

Ingunn Ytterhus Self-Discovery Coach & Spiritual Mentor

"I learned more in that hour than I had in an entire year working with another coach."

"I knew Transcend Academy was for me after a spending an hour on a masterclass call with Rachel. I learned more in that hour than I had in an entire year working with another coach. 

Signing up for TA was a no brainer, I felt it in my soul that this container was going to do incredible things for me as a spiritual coach and healer. Without even officially launching, I've received so much guidance and support from Rachel and the TA group. I'm feeling more confident as I plan my next steps and I am so excited to dive into the pre-work and bonus content Rachel has offered before we've even begun the "real" program.

I feel like I've already gotten my investment's worth. The transformation that is already happening within me is hard to even put into words...I feel so empowered and ready to thrive!"

Alexa Gorman Women's Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Energy Healer

"I am becoming the highest version of myself."

"I have found, since joining Transcend Academy, that there is more to me that I don’t know yet. I am loving the fact that I am discovering many levels of myself. I have always wanted to help women become the highest version of themselves and since joining, I am becoming the highest version of myself. I now have full confidence that I will be able to learn and grow in a way that will be the most valuable key to unlocking women’s full potential.

I am so happy I have crossed paths with Rachel. She is so intuitive, inspiring, loving, helpful, kind, and knowledgeable of the mind body and spirit. I look forward to opening so much more of my mind, bod, and soul."

Amy Williams Women's Empowerment & Anxiety Coach

Through Transcend Academy™️ Mastery of Light, not only will you be certified in our proprietary Coaching Method, but you will also be Certified and Internationally Board Recognized in the following:


Transcend Academy Practitioner

Here’s what you’ve already learned as a Certified Practitioner…

  • Rapport
  • Calibration (sensory based experience)
  • Representational Systems - predicates & accessing cues
  • Meta-Model
  • Milton-Model
  • Metaphor Creation & Delivery
  • Frames- Contrast, Relevancy, As if & Backtrack
  • Anchoring (VAK)
  • Chunking
  • Submodalities
  • Reframing 
  • Parts Integration
  • Strategies - Detection, Elicitation
  • TIME Techniques™️
  • Putting a single SMART goal into the future
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques 
  • Life & Success Coaching 
  • Transcend Academy Coaching Method™️
Mastery of Light

Here’s what you’ll master as a Certified MASTER Coach & Practitioner…

Includes all Practitioner level skills, singly and in combination

✅Design individualized interventions (generative & remedial)

✅Master ecological and trauma-sensitive change work 

✅Embodied NLP™️ License

✅NLP Breakthrough Day Format AND The Freedom Formula™️ Format 


Learn Specific Master Practitioner Skills, such as:

  • Meta Programs (basic & complex)
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Advanced Values & Beliefs 
  • Criteria (Values)
    • Identification and utilization
    • Criteria Ladder
    • Elicitation of complex equivalence and adjustment of criteria 
    • sleight of mouth 
  • Spiral Dynamics Values 
  • Installation and utilization of strategies
  • Refined use of sub-modalities
  • Compulsion Blow out 
  • Linguistic Parts Integration 
  • Deliberate multi-level communication 
  • Advanced Patterns of NLP
  • Negotiations
  • Presentation Skills & Professional Speaking 
  • Modelling 
  • Logical Levels of Therapy 
  • Neurological Drivers 
  • NLP Business Coaching/Consulting Model 
  • Utilization and transformation of beliefs and presuppositions 
  • Emotional Chains 
  • Timeline Regression 
  • NLP Breakthrough Day Format 
  • Embodied NLP™️ 


Pick your destiny

You can join today for only…

Invest in full with one payment of $10,497

Price includes the cost of our in person graduation event, Immersion! (Accommodations, transportation to and from YYZ, breakfast and TWO dinners INCLUDED) Invest in full bonus: $1,073 in savings PLUS a FREE Breakthrough Day! (first 3 only) (that’s a total value of $7,739 FREE!🤯)

Early Bird Bonus: Enroll before October 20th and receive, 3 additional 1:1 sessions with Rachel ($1,555 value)

That’s a total value of 19,291 for a one-time investment of $10,497!

Monthly Payments as low as $699

Early Bird Bonus: Enroll before October 20th, and receive 3 additional 1:1 sessions with Rachel ($1,555 value)

That’s a total of $11,552 value for a deposit of $2099.40 and 8 easy payments of $1050, or Choose from one of our multiple flexible payment plans, starting as low as $699/month!

If you require an extended payment plan beyond what is shown on this page, please contact [email protected] and ask us about financing opportunities!


Click below to select your preferred investment option and let's do this! 

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