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Hi, I'm Rachel! I am obsessively passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential. You see, I had a calling from a very young age. I wanted to make an impact, but there were a few things in my mind, body, and soul that I had to sort out first before I could be of service to others. Even after being ready, I still ignored the call.

Fear and doubt held me back. 

Who am I to do this? 

What will people think? 

Am I even good enough? 

What if I fail? 

These self-limiting beliefs kept me stuck, and allowed me to play small. I sat on a Health Coaching certification for four years before ever doing something with it. Each time I tried, I gave up. 

It's too hard. 

I'm not good enough.

Nobody wants my help. 

It wasn't until I had found myself at a Tony Robbins event, by pure chance that everything changed...I had won a ticket and didn't know anything about him. As I watched him intervene on people in the room, I was brought to tears of joy and gratitude. I could feel their pain, and I also knew the sense of victory when they got to the other side. I sat there thinking, "Holy Shit! I'm in the wrong field. I'm meant to be helping others.  My purpose, to be a light towards love and happiness, enjoy grace, and continue creating breakthroughs for myself and others."

When I got home from the event I took MASSIVE ACTION. I heavily invested in myself, after being confident that this is what I was meant to do, no matter how scary or uncertain things may feel. In my venture to creating a successful coaching business, I learned that I actually enjoy business...Another old limiting belief: "Business is math and numbers, and I don't want to wear a suit all day in corporate America." I quickly learned that not only do I enjoy business, but I am actually good at it! In my struggle to launch my own health and wellness coaching business, I became passionate about helping the wellpreneur and the soulpreneur create an abundant business of their own. A business that comes from a place of alignment. 

I specialize in working with women to turn their pain into passion and purpose. To bring their dreams into reality by creating a business with SOUL. It's not just about marketing and strategy. Yes, that's a component, but your business is only as healthy as you are! Understanding the mind-body connection is crucial to owning a successful business. By working together you will learn how to lead a business with heart and soul, and grow it from a place of ease and grace.

I promise you it's not too good to be true. Business doesn't have to be boring, and it certainly isn't just numbers and sitting at a desk in a suit all day. 

As a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, turned Business Coach and lover of personal development, and other "woo-woo" things, it's my job to guide women to manifest their dreams into reality. Whether that's a career or business that you love, creating stronger and healthier relationships, or simply raising your confidence so you can go out and make your life exactly what you want...I'm your girl! Together, we will transcend your limiting beliefs that are holding you back and implement new healthy habits. It is my mission to help you get the life you want, and to step into your highest self. From that place, legitimately anything is possible. Trust me, I know. 

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Spirit Junkie Masterclass L1. Gabby Bernstein

Abundant You Bootcamp. Andee Love

The Soulful Academy. Andee Love

Mastering the Miracle Mind. Andee Love



Unleash the Power Within. Tony Robbins (NJ)

Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Gabby Bernstein (NYC)

Unleash The Power Within. Tony Robbins (LA)

Date with Destiny. Tony Robbins (West Palm Beach)

University in Action. Isagenix (Toronto).

Dreams. Doterra (SLC)

Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins (NYC)





Neuro-linguistic Programming (Yes Supply)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Yes Supply)

T.I.M.E. Techniques (Yes Supply)

Hypnosis (Yes Supply)

Reiki L1 (Ushui Shiki Ryoho)

Certified Health Coach. Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Addiction Studies & Counselling Skills. Centennial College (Honours)

Certified Personal Training Specialist. Canfit Pro

SMART Recovery

Interior Design. George Brown College (Honours)

Media Arts. Sheridan College



Platinum Partnership Tony Robbins

Business & Spiritual Mentorship. Andee Love

We Will Rise Mastermind Andee Love


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