Welcome to Module 1

Gain Clarity on your Message

Bliss Work!

  1. Who are you really? What are your biggest values, beliefs, strengths and challenges?

  2. Why are you here? What is your dharma?

  3. What is your big WHY for launching or scaling your business? Why must you take action NOW?

  4. Who is your soul client? Create a crystal clear picture

  5. What services do you offer?

  6. What is your signature system?

  7. Complete the Discover your Soul Client Workbook

  8. Join 2-3 FB groups where your soul client hangs

  9. Post about your ideal client in the Bliss Biz Babe FB group…who knows, maybe one of your bliss babes needs your services!

Bliss Bizfirmations:

“I have a strong vision of what I am here to do”

“My message and mission is crystal clear”

“I have a clear vision of my soul client”

“I am grateful for the my clients who are ready and willing to work with me”

“I earn abundantly for the value I provide”

“My clients see great transformations, because they are committed to their process”

“I attract my soul clients with ease and grace”

“I easily attract clients who are willing to pay me”

“My clients are committed to the success of their vision”

“My clients are willing to take MASSIVE ACTION and do the work they need to do, in order to be successful”