Welcome to Module 2

Creating Consistency Between your Personal Message, and your Brand.

Bliss Work!

  1. What is your brand story?

  2. What is your mission statement?

  3. What is your brand tone? What emotions do you want to elicit?

  4. Do your research, what colours represent your brand? What colours excite you?

  5. What platforms will you use?

  6. Create a bio that resembles your brand story and tone

  7. What 3-5 categories will you highlight?

  8. Watch ALL tutorials

Bliss Bizfirmations:

“When I show up fully, I allow my clients to do the same”

“My brand reflects my powerful vision”

“My brand is an extension of me, and attracts the clients I desire”

“I easily attract business relationships that are in alignment with who I am, and the work that I do”

“My work is powerful”

“My vibe attracts my tribe”

“I choose to step fully into my gifts, and speak my truth”

“My energy is felt by others, and draws my soul client to the work that I do”