Welcome to Module 4

Content & Course Creation

Bliss Work!

  1. Listen to attached meditation, then free write:

    What am I here to do?

    How can I create an impact?

    What are my skills and natural talents?

    How will I serve and share this with the world?

  2. What are your top 5 content categories

  3. What will be your next content that you create?

  4. Use the  content planner to layout your content for the next month


Bliss Bizfirmations:

“My work is my art”

“I stand confidently knowing that my work is needed by many”

“I love creating”

“There are people who need the solutions I have to offer”

“when I operate from a place of service, abundance flows”

“I pour only loving and energy of the highest good for all, into the work that I do”

“Creating and sharing puts me in a high vibe state”