The CEO Goddess

You’re totally in flow! In fact, you’re a CEO Goddess. You know exactly where you’re going, and have zero doubts that you’ll get there. You’re in a stage where you have either already, or have started, to implement higher level marketing strategies, outsourcing your work and building a team, so you have the time and financial freedom that you desire and deserve.


Being a CEO Goddess isn’t as glam and sexy as it sounds. While you’re on your way to creating a beautiful life for yourself, including an empire that serves the world in a massive way, it took work to get there. It took consistency, courage, resilience, and resourcefulness just to name a few. You’ve done the inner work, and you’ve created rituals and habits that put you on the direct path of your desires. In order to keep the ball rolling, your focus is to KEEP DOING THE WORK! Focus on going deeper in your own personal healing journey, and keeping up to date on the latest marketing, social media, and business trends in your particular industry. How would your higher self expand? What is her main objective and how can you amplify that? Gaining publicity and attention from the media may be your next step to entering into your industry on a larger scale. Your goal is to always be innovating who you are.


Create systems within your organization in team, to lighten your load.

Continue and deepen your growth and personal transformation.

Hire a business coach and healer that you vibe with.


A Return to Love- Marrianne Williamson

One Million Follower- Brendan Kane

Supreme Influence- Niurka


Connect, Collaborate, and share: Bliss Biz Soul Tribe (Free Community)

Breakthrough Session- Customized 90 min. breakthrough sessoion utilizing various modalities to tap into the power of your subconscious mind such as NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Chakra work and more!

The Freedom Formula- A luxury immersion coaching experience, with private all-inclusive VIP weekend in Toronto to create more personal, time, AND financial freedom!

As a CEO Goddess and a high performer, you know the value of investing your time, energy, and resources. You see the value in constantly evolving and expanding in all areas of your life. That’s why your hear is telling you at this moment to step up, and take that next big leap! It’s time for your next level! You’re ready to expand, so that you can create even more love, success, fulfillment and impact in this world.

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I look forward to connecting with you for more strategies and tips to help you break free from and heal fully on an emotional and subconscious level so that you can scale your biz to multiple 5-figure months. It’s your time to earn abundantly for the work that you do, while creating an impact!