My top 3 Travel Essentials

I remember doing a random crossword search late December 2017. “The first three words you see, will be what you experience for 2018.”

“Ouhhh this, looks fun. Let’s give it a try,” I thought. The first one: Travel. I immediately got excited! I’d been manifesting A LOT of things for this year, and while I didn’t have the funds for it, travel was certainly one of those things I desired to call in.

With the launch of Rachel Joy, miracles happened. My business picked up, and in return my abundance in all areas of life grew, and grew. I soon found myself traveling for various reasons: pleasure, business, education and personal growth. With all the hard work I’d been putting in, the universe wanted me to fly this year; literally.

2018 has brought me to NYC twice, SLC twice, San Diego, Tijuana, Alaska, and soon to be Australia and New Zealand.

If you know me well, you’d know that I take my wellness seriously. Without health, what do you have? When we travel, we can sometimes get thrown off our game. Buckle up, because not only have I made sure you’ll have a safe flight, but I’ve gone out of my way to make it easier for you too! #BIGsavings

Here’s some of my travel essentials to travel light, while having all bases covered for mind, body, and spirit optimization:

  1. Many of you know how much of an essential oil junkie I am, I can’t live without them! However when I travel I have to be selective about which oils I take. Here are my mandatory oils to keep nearby:

    Peppermint- great for a pick me up and refresher while on the plane or to beat jet lag.

    On Guard- With jet lag comes lack of sleep, which equals low immune. Add in all the germs and poor quality of air in the airplane and you become susceptible to germs a lot quicker. On guard helps ward off bacteria and viruses, while keeping your immune system strong.

    Lavender- I’m an anxious type of girl. It doesn’t take a lot to throw me off my game when I’m tired, stressed, or haven’t been committed to my morning routine. Lavender not only helps calm my mind at night, but also protects me from anxious feelings when I’m in a state.

    Zengest- Let’s get down to the dirty. Traveling does some funny stuff to our gut health. We may be constipated from indulging in all the vacation yummies, or perhaps you’re going too much because you’re not used to the country’s food. Zengest is an Ayurvedic blend of herbs and spices that is calming to the digestive system and also promotes a healthy gut. Use it for constipation. gas and bloating, the runs, and even nausea when you hit a little bit of turbulence in the air!

    You can grab all four of those oils in the Home Essentials Kit by Doterra. This month they have the most amazing promo I have ever seen, which would also qualify you for 3 FREE OILS:  Red Mandarin, Clementine & Kumquat...PLUS a car diffuser!! Likeee whattt?! This is the exact kit I started with (minus all the extras) and I AM OBSESSED. It caters to 80% of your physical and emotional health needs. I offer free coaching in health and/or business for those who purchase through this link here

  2. Healthy snacks! I start every day with a plant based, low-glycemic, superfood smoothie, that’s got the proper balanced macro-nutrients and digestive enzymes. When I’m at home, I’ll have 1-2 of these a day, and work out regularly. I thrive off of routine, and traveling definitely mixes things up. While I certainly indulge on vacation, I always keep my breakfast the same. I bring my smoothies with me, so I ensure I start each day with the proper nutrients. I notice a big difference in my energy levels and mood, when I go a few days without it. PLUS if your travels are calling for you to be in a bathing suit, nobody likes to feel bloated in a bikini after hitting the buffet. Travel hack: pack a few in your carry on, on long hauls, so you don’t have to eat nasty airplane food.

  3. Lately I’ve been loving my natural wood watch with indigo face from Jord. It’s classy and feminine, while having this sense of simplicity and down to earth vibe. Travel has a way of uprooting us. We often become tired, anxious, or stressed before we actually get to our destination, or little piece of paradise. Natural materials that come from the earth are great for grounding you, meaning you’ll be keeping your root chakra in check. Travel hack: The minute I get onto the plane, I change my watch to the timezone that I’ll be traveling to. Operating on my destinations time before I actually get there, helps beat jet lag. (For a chance to win $100 towards a watch of your choice, click here. There’s only space for one lucky winner, however all entrants will qualify for 10% off!)

Next time you’re flying high, give these a try and let me know how they work for you! If you have any other travel hacks, please put them in the comments below to share. Where will you be going next?

Happy Travelling!

Rachel Joy