Why it's Necessary to be the Tortoise.

I’ve recently been forced to take a new pace through life- and I say forced because it’s not my choosing. I’m a girl of determination, persistence, unwavering faith and courage, and power to go after everything I want. I am SO passionate about life and love, and am determined to make my time on earth one of impact and fulfilment. So, with that, I often move at lightning speed. I’m constantly setting new goals, daily targets, planning almost every hour of my work day, every day. If I want to fulfil my mission. I gotta MOVE. I sometimes feel if I'm not working or being productive, I'm wasting time and won't get to where I want to be. But what the universe is teaching me recently, is that it’s okay to go slow. The quicker you move, doesn’t necessarily mean the greater the impact you have.

About a month ago I was faced with knee pain that totally wiped me off my game. I was unable to snowboard, and I don’t remember my last leg day at the gym – it’s been that long (and I loveeee leg day). Now here’s the thing… nothing happened. I did not injure myself. This has been an accumulation of longstanding postural issues that I was unaware of. Eventually, my body just couldn’t handle it anymore. So… I’ve been forced to learn a new type of fitness.

Yoga is something I used to do almost religiously about 5 years ago. It was a strong component of my recovery when I first got sober, and it was the first type of exercise I committed myself to before ever hitting a gym. It was healing, and being in the moment calmed my mind so much. I always felt at peace. Yet, somewhere down the road, the more I accomplished in life and business, the more I wanted to move at the same intense pace. I then fell in love with weight training, HITT, and cardio intervals. These are all things I can’t do at the moment, to the same extent that I had been.

Not moving my body is not an option. Moving my body is 10x more beneficial to my mind and soul than it is for my body. So… Here I am doing yoga three times a week again. It’s been a while. I’m impatient, and I can’t wait for the session to be done. But now, I remember why I liked it. It teaches me stillness, it teaches me patience, and recovery sports such as yoga are equally important as training with intensity.

This lesson isn’t just showing up in my training regime though. The universe was shouting at me this week, and I finally got the message loud and clear. Last week I had a fantastic launch for my 14 Day Healthy Body, Happy Heart Challenge. (GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE, BTW)

Anyway, the launch went well. I was flying HIGH. I was so proud of the hard work I put in, and the ridiculous deadline I gave myself, that I had actually met, and the feedback I had received. But almost instantly, I thought “What now? What’s next?...I guess create more courses and content! What do I want to create this time?” Then another little voice in my head spoke up and said, “No Rachel, soak it up. Take it in. Absorb the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in, and then move forward.” So that’s what I did. I didn’t know how many days I was going to relax for, but I knew I’d return when the time was right. I ended up taking almost an entire week off- from business planning, content creating, or marketing any of my services. And MAN, did I learn so much during that time… I got the inspiration of the topic for this week, for this blog. I realized how necessary it is to move slow. Because here’s the next reason why: aside from patience, it also teaches you gratitude, acceptance and compassion.

You cannot be grateful for your current reality, nor can you have compassion for your journey without taking a step back to see how far you’ve come. Going slow also provides guidance. The way I like to look at it is that life, your business, or whatever it is that your striving for is a corn maze. You are in the middle of the corn maze trying to find your way. In order to get to the finish line, you MUST TAKE A STEP BACK, FIND HIGHER GROUND TO SEE WHERE TO GO. Taking this time, has given me the map for my next steps, that I was searching for when I was initially high as a kite asking “what now?”

So darling, please know that the faster you move doesn’t mean the more you accomplish, or the more efficient you are. Tomorrow is another day, and cramming everything in only raises your cortisol packing on more pounds, and making you cranky AF. PLUS, cramming everything in doesn’t allow flow for creativity to spark. Let slowness guide you through life. Take time to tap into the universe, or your intuition. Your highest self always knows the next step.

Love & Gratitude,

Rachel Joy