Are you ready for your most confident, healthiest and high-vibe summer EVER?  Join us to cleanse your chakras over 7-weeks the Zen Babe Tribe! 

Alisha is a very powerful healer, coach, mentor and friend of mine. This course is a SERIOUS GAME CHANGER!

Will you be joining us?

  • Do you desire to wake up every morning feeling excited and passionate about your life?  
  • Do you desire to have more energy, better health and raise your vibes? 
  •  Do you need to RESET yourself and your energy?
  • Are you a yoga teacher, yogi, health coach, healer, wellness advocate, boss babe, etc. and want to raise your vibration to grow your business/clients/students? 
  • Do you desire to balance your own chakras using yoga, essential oils and personal development so that you can help others to do the same in your life and biz? 
  • Do you want be living in total alignment with your truth? 
  •  Are you looking to deepen your daily spiritual practice?
  •  Do you wish you could go on a journey of self-discovery with a community of others that JUST GET YOU + you can trust for accountability, support and lifelong friendships and connections?

What Is The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse? 


The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse is a 7-module online course and group coaching program that helps you to nourish your core daily by taking good care of your body-mind-soul, become the highest and aligned version of YOU, and turn on your own light so you can make an impact on the world with your purpose.

Why Do You Need To Take This Course?

If you desire to align with your highest self and truth so you can live a life you truly love that will inspire and positively impact others, the Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse is for you. 

For the past 5 years I've worked as a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Business Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker and Essential Oil Educator.  In this transformational course, I've helped nearly 100 people step into their purpose, become healthier and happier than ever before and change the course of their lives (past students have gone on to get married, start businesses, heal themselves from anxiety and depression, grow their yoga class attendance, and so much more). 

Are you ready? 

"The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse has taken life to a whole new level"

" The Chakra cleanse has brought on a whole new perspective of what life can be and has really opened up the doors to all things <3 ! I am feeling SOOO inspired and positive. And I just keep feeding my soul with all good things. Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"I feel like I am radiating. This cleanse is more than worth it!"

"With the ZBCC, I finally felt like I was able to start loving myself and was therefore able to start completely loving others. I feel calm and in control of my body and thoughts. I feel stable and grounded. I feel like I am radiating. This cleanse is more than worth it!"

During the Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse you'll learn:

>How to keep your energy and vibration high with daily chakra balancing work (in less than 5 mins a day)

 >How to go deep into each of your chakras to clear stagnant energy - including limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back from living your highest potential

 >To be in alignment and flow to manifest your deepest desires

> Use essential oils to break-free emotionally (that you can then teach to others)


>Become your own healer- no matter what you are struggling with health-wise! (This stuff works). 

>Become the most confident and happy version of yourself that you've ever seen. 


  •  7 weekly trainings for each of the 7 main chakras diving deep into the chakra itself including potential blocks, where they came from, how to clear them and weekly HW to balance each one. 
  •  7 full length chakra yoga classes
  •  7 UPDATED weekly guided meditations for each chakra
  •  Weekly Affirmations and Journal Prompts to help you clear all blockages and know yourself better than ever before - you will feel on top of the world!
  •  Essential Oil Trainings: in depth trainings on using essential oils for balancing your chakras and get into alignment each and everyday!
  •  COMMUNITY SUPPORT: access to a very active facebook group with the Zen Babe Tribe! 
  •  Weekly Giveaways: during this live program we offer giveaways of chakra oils for those who checkin with the homework!
  •  BONUS: 7 Live Group Coaching Call Recordings for Each Module - You will get access to the live group coaching call recordings for all of the Q&A students had last year - this is priceless!
  •  BONUS:          New this year! Chakra Cleanse Workbook! The workbook has all of your weekly journaling question, space to reflect, affirmations and more - you will love working through this together throughout the course.  
  •  BONUS: 7 LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS!  Each week throughout this course we will come together on Facebook live to answer all of your questions about the chakra.  This is very intimate - Alisha will be there to guide you every step of the way!
  •  BONUS: Training on balancing your Chakras with Kundalini exercises with Kundalini expert Lexi Schaffer!
  •   BONUS: Training on balancing your Chakras with Crystals with crystal expert Christine Nicole from Body Cherish!

What You Can Expect In The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse

You will connect with yourself and raise your energy and vibration in a way that you've been searching for.  You will feel supported, as though you are on the right path and feel yourself releasing layers and layers of limiting beliefs, old stories and all ailments you're been struggling with.  You will nourish your mind, body and soul on a daily basis and feel inspired and passionate about yourself, your life (and even your business if that applies to you). Here's what you'll receive: 

  • 7 Enlightening and Inspiring Chakra Modules
  • Step-By-Step Guidance
  • A Community Who "Gets You"
  • 7 bonus LIVE group coaching calls with Alisha  ($2,100 value) 
  • The Opportunity To Know Yourself Better And Deepen Your Practice
  • Tools For All-Levels
  • Essential Oil and Yoga Chakra Education

If you are brand new to chakra work, or if you've been studying them for a while - you will get something new out of this course.  Simply setting your intention to focus on bringing your energy back to balance will provide miracles for you in your life.  You will also have the confidence to share your experiences and new tools that you learn in this course with your own community. 



Your journey to becoming a Zen Babe begins!  Each Week's content includes: video trainings, full-length yoga classes, guided meditations, affirmations, workbooks, and essential oil trainings. 

Week One: Root Chakra

 We'll kick of week one by learning all about the basics of your energy: what are your auras + everything you need to know about your personal energy fields. I'll teach you how to clean up your aura plus an overview of our main energy centers and how we can begin to manage them for the ultimate zen.  

This week you are going to start learning how to maintain your energy to feel grounded, safe, supported, centered, and get really excited about taking great care of yourself, your body + life so you can kick those feelings of worthlessness and fear the curb. 

Week Two: Sacral Chakra

Tired of feeling lack of passion and inspiration in your life? This week you will learn how to become aware of your feelings, let go, have fun, express yourself creatively + sexually and enjoy all of life's pleasures. I'll teach you how to open the floodgates and learn how to emotionally balance yourself! What's life when you are not AWARE of your feelings, you're shy, emotionally unstable and shutdown all of the time? You deserve and NEED to let it out. 

You're going to learn how to connect with the passionate side of you (she's in there, I promise), feel inspired, raise your energy, desire, connection and friendliness so you can turn your "meh" emotions into "YAY". 

Week Three: Solar Plexus Chakra

You're not feeling too confident or powerful in your life, and week 3 is going to help you safely get over these limiting beliefs that are blocking you. Using a variety of techniques to raise your confidence and your energy, I will guide you through the extremely important process of increasing your willpower, courage and how to start taking major action to creating the life that you can be proud of. 

The world needs you to love yourself and have a healthy level of self-esteem - you have gifts that the world needs from you and the better you feel about yourself and empowered you feel, the more you can give of yourself to the world.

Week Four: Heart Chakra

We are bringing out the F bomb in week 4: forgiveness. It's time to focus on cleansing away the sadness, betrayal, hurt and rejection out of your heart this week. We're going to focus on bringing you to a state filled with self-love, compassion, the ability to see love in all things and people, learn to trust others, yourself and the process of life. 

This week you'll find that your relationships improve (with others and yourself), you'll increase your own sense of inner-peace and start living your life with your heart wide open and unstuck.

Week Five: Throat Chakra

You feel like it's hard for you to talk to people in social settings, you have nothing important to say and find yourself staying quiet most of the time. Not after this week! I will guide you through the process of using your voice, speaking your mind and standing up for yourself! You will learn how to see the lies you are telling yourself and others and instead articulate your own personal truth. 

I'll show you how to face your truth and embrace the energy to articulate this. You will find healing, contentment, become comfortable communicating with yourself and others. 

Week Six: Third Eye Chakra

You've reached the week of the program where we are cleansing the stagnant energy keeping you from hearing your intuition and knowing the answers you are looking for to make the right decisions in your life. 

You already have the personal power within you that you can access at anytime: your intuition. This week you will learn to connect with your inner-wisdom. When your intuition is strong, you don't need to rely on others for answers to your questions or next steps or even your purpose. You can look within, connect and know the answers. It's called your intuition. I'll show you step-by-step how to increase this ability that we all carry. It's up to us to see that it's there.

Week Seven: Crown Chakra

It's time to bring it all home and and total wholeness of yourself. Week 7 will give you the ultimate tool, one that you will come back to over and over again: a spirituality of your own understanding. This is such an enlightening week as we wrap up this truly transformational program that will leave you feeling spiritual, connected to your angelic side and the ultimate sense of inner-peace. 

Welcome home. 


"People have commented on how much happier I seem and I really feel it on the inside too. I still use the tools I have been given every day. I have a brand new job and I feel so magnetic to positivity!"
"It really opened me to learn about blocks and also hidden strengths."
 "It begins a journey of self discovery and helps bring you into your best self."
"I would recommend the ZBCC because it helps restore self-love"
"Your energy and drive is so inspiring! Thank you for caring enough for others to teach us the benefits of essential oils."
"You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for your patience, guidance, and unconditional positive regard."
"I now accept the flow of my life and I wake up each day with energy and excitement for what's to come. I have struggled with digestive issues in the past and this cleanse helped greatly with figuring out the root problems and taking natural measures to heal myself. I have discovered a new passion for essential oils that has changed the way that I deal with my emotions and overall health and wellbeing. I am so proud of myself for taking this cleanse and following my "gut"!"
 "I learned so much about myself through this course and it opened up my eyes to so many things that I was closed off to and skeptical of for years!"
"Really well structured thoughtful program but what really sets it apart from the other courses out there is your ability to make strangers friends and create a warm encouraging community."
"It was so enlightening. I learned so much about myself and was able to open and push myself to so many other opportunities."



(Please Note: We use doTERRA Essential Oils as an important component to this course.)