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A 2-day immersive event designed to Elevate your mindset and Amplify your abundance in all areas of your life.

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What would happen if...

hey big dreamer,
  • You could finally break free from the barriers of self, and feel unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams?
  • You had tangible tools and practices to facilitate powerful transformations for yourself and/or others? 
  • You stepped into a new identity feeling more creative, confident, motivated and empowered than ever before?
  • You had the personal, time, and financial freedom that you deeply desire?
  • You didn't have to do it alone, and it could actually be a lot of FUN?

Elevate & Amplify is an immersive 2-day event, designed to ELEVATE your mindset and emotional wellbeing and AMPLIFY your abundance in all areas of your life. It's your time to have more health, wealth, happiness, and success than ever before, isn't it?

your time is now

What You’ll Gain

your time is now
  • A new and empowered identity by understanding on a deep level who you are, why you do the things you do, and the way that you do them. 
  • Tangible tools, practices, and scripts to support you in creating and facilitating empowering change that lasts for yourself and others...even BEYOND the 2 days together
  • Clarify your mission, vision, and the path to go from point A to point B, so you can finally and actually do the damn thing!
  • A community of collaborative and supportive women who want to see you win,
  • A deep healing transformational experience, providing you with more confidence and personal power than ever before as much as they do! 

The Faces
Elevate & Amplify

Business Besties, Work Wives, or simply best friends, however you choose to call it, Rachel and Ashley are a dynamic duo that compliment their strengths as close to something that perfect could ever be. Together, they've cultivated a deep and supportive working friendship, and are passionate about supporting women in finding and building the same sense of community.

Rachel, the CEO of Rachel Joy Inc. and Founder of Transcend Academy has an extensive background in mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness prior to working her way to becoming a Certified Trainer in Life & Success Coaching, NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and the Transcend Academy Coaching Method; A trauma sensitive and immersive approach to coaching.  Business and online marketing is also a natural ability to her, and has worked alongside many top industry leaders. Rachel works on a 1:1 basis with career and family diven women to go from entrepreneur to CEO, focusing on mindset, leadership, team organization and strategy, and most of all - freedom!

Ashley is an NLP Trainer and your go-to coach and guides for feminine leadership and the new paradigm of business. She’s on a mission to help you ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to success, so you can easily and effortlessly infuse your intuitive superpowers into your business, and leverage your unique strengths to define and achieve success and fulfillment — on your terms.

Together, Rachel and Ashley are extremely passionate about, and highly effective at guiding women claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams.

Take A Peek
into the

Day 1


The most successful entrepreneurs are known as the happy, healthy, wealthy and successful, not because of what they did, but who they had to become in order to get to where they are. Today we will dive deep into mindset and emotional wellbeing. You will be broken up into teams for a deeply supportive, and intimate mastermind feel, as you peel back the layers of self, clarify your vision, and identify key markers on your path to success.

Day 2


Today is all about amplification. Amplifying you, your voice, your message, your purpose and your abundance. We’ll be diving deeper into what you discovered about yourself, so that you can step fully into your power. Have the opportunity to learn directly from women who have gone before you, and are trailblazers in their industry. Leverage the wealth of knowledge in the room with mastermind breakouts, putting your vision into action, and have a deep healing transformation that allows you to step into a new, and more, empowering identity! 

the flow

It Works

the flow

We're most known for our cutting-edge, highly immersive and board-recognized coaching certification Transcend Academy. 

Transcend Academy does so well, not because we're amazing (*toot-toot*, we are) but because of our unique ability to create deep, intimate, healing containers with unconditional love, connection, trust, safety, and support.

Think of the high-level support of a business mastermind, combined with the motivation and inspiration of a personal development event, sprinkle a little bit of healing spiritual retreat vibes, AND 6 internationally accredited certifications in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, and Life & Succes Coaching, for a lasting transformation, and you've got Transcend Academy!


At Elevate & Amplify it is our promise to you to recreate the same experience so you can walk out with lasting empowered change as well. Over the two days, you will have the opportunity to work in a mastermind group setting, have additional coaching support, hear from experts in their field, make lifelong friendships, and countless breakthroughs!










The Details

The Scott Resort & Spa. Scottsdale, AZ.
July 9 & 10, 2022

VIP upgrade available to attend an exclusive mastermind opening ceremony on July 8th, as well as a post-event integration call!

As a VIP, you will join us for an exclusive opening ceremony: Sip & Soul, a night of food, drink, and connection & collaboration through networking and a Sound Healing experience to kick off the weekend! You will have preferred seating throughout the entire event... Oh, and we can’t forget about the post-event integration call where we'll be supporting you in taking what you learned and implementing it into your daily life at home.

There is a room block available with additional perks specially for you! An exclusive booking link with the discounted rate and bonuses will be provided after check out.


Meet Our Sponsor


Barbara Schreihans (pronounced ShREE-hands) is the founder and CEO of Your Tax Coach, the Creator of the Write Off Your Life™️ Course, and the voice behind the Life-Changing Money Podcast. She is a kickass tax strategist, business coach and all-around master when it comes to wealth and finances. Barbara aids business owners and high net-worth individuals in saving tens of millions of dollars in taxes while also growing their profits. When she’s not leading her team, coaching clients or dreaming up new goals for her company, you can find her drinking coffee, hanging out with her family and traveling the world.

Find her on Instagram @yourtaxcoach


Rachel Joy

The Transformation is in the YES!

Join Rachel, Master Success Coach & NLP Trainer, as she shares how to break free from the barriers of self, and define life’s challenges, rather than them defining you! 

Lindsey Schwartz

Create Confidence & Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

Join Lindsey, Women’s Empowerment & Business Mentor, Speaker and Author, as she shares what’s ACTUALLY needed to create your dream life! 

Candy Valentino

Scaling to Millions

Join Candy, Multi-Million Dollar Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & Real Estate Investor, as she presents what it really takes to create massive success and sustainable growth. 

Ashley Perkins

Being The Eye of The Storm

 Join Ashley, Trauma-informed Business Coach, as she shares with you practices and ideas on keeping calm and in control of your life/business, even when everything feels out of control. 

Lauren Eliz Love

Creating Financial Freedom The Divine Feminine Way

Join Lauren, Self Healing Guide, though a transformational experience as she guides you in tapping into your freedom and connecting to the divinity within you. 

Kaila Bayes

Turning Rock Bottoms into Unshakable Foundations of Worthiness & Self Love

Join Kaila, Self Love Coach, as she shares how to go from hitting rock bottom and turning it into everything you ever imagined. 

Katie Tovar

Embodying Quantum Energy

Join Katie, Spiritual Success Coach, and Quantum Energy Healer, as she guides you through a Wealth Recalibration Embodied NLP practice to a journey hOMe into abundance.

Barbara Schreihans

Founder & CEO of Your Tax Coach

Join Barbara, kickass tax strategist, business coach and all-around master of wealth and finances, as she'll show you  how to save millions of dollars in taxes while also growing your profits.

It’s time to Elevate & Amplify

This Event is
Perfect for YOU if...

You’ve heard all the rage of NLP, and want to see for yourself how powerful it really is

You’re looking for tangible tools and practices to strengthen your coaching toolbox and actually create powerful transformations for your clients

You’re sick of watching everybody claiming they hit their first $10K, $20K, $30K+ month, and feeling like you’re not good enough for it to ever be your turn.  You want freedom, and you want it NOW!

You don’t want to do this alone, and know that the fastest way to success is by having FUN, and doing it with like-minded peers and mentors who already have what it is that you want! 

You’re had enough of knowing that you’re made for MORE but never doing anything about it. 

Pull up a seat

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Exclusive Access to Opening Ceremony Sip & Soul, so that you can connect and collaborate with like-minded women, speak directly with Rachel & Ashley, and step into an even deeper transformation!

VIP Only Preferred seating to 2-day event Elevate & Amplify, so that you don’t miss a beat, and have the best experience possible

VIP Only post-event integration callto support you in implementing everything you gained into your daily life

Mastermind style breakouts

Keynote Speakers

Connection, Collaboration, & Tangible tips and practices you can put into practice right now!


General Admission

General admission ticket to two-day event, so that you can ELEVATE your mindset and emotional wellbeing, and AMPLIFY your message and abundance.

Mastermind style breakouts

Keynote Speakers

Connection, Collaboration, & Tangible tips and practices you can put into practice right now!


Do you have a discount to use at the hotel venue?

YES! we have a room block reserved at the hotel with a significant discount and added perks. You will be sent the booking link via email. That's right we're spending all weekend together!

How can I claim my BOGO?

If you purchased during the BOGO deal, after checkout you'll be redirected immediately to a confirmation page which will have you inset your friends name and email address. We MUST have your friends details in order for them to attend free. If you do not know who you want to go with just yet, you can skip that part, but it is your responsibility to let us know who will be joining a MINIMUM of 30 days before the event. Please contact [email protected]

What’s included in my ticket?

Depending on whether you purchase a general admission or a VIP ticket your experience and inclusions will be different. If you purchase a GA ticket it includes the 2 days, all course materials necessary and of course an incredible immersive experience. When you purchase a VIP ticket you get all of the same, PLUS an exclusive experience on the Friday night before to connect, collaborate, and elevate and amplify with an intimate opening ceremony. You are responsible for all travel expenses including, food, hotel, airfare etc. Regardless of which ticket tier you choose, there is an option to add on a mastermind for the first 6 months of 2022 only for $1111 (reg. $6400)

I don’t have a business/not a coach, is this still for me?

While many of the women there will either have an existing business or the desire to create an existing business, this is really for any women who wants to ELEVATE & AMPLIFY!

I’m here for female founded communities and businesses, and would love to sponsor your event! How can I get involved?

We will be looking for financial sponsors, as well as product based businesses to sponsor and donate product to the women in the audience to enhance the experience. If you would like to sponsor the event in some way, please contact [email protected]

What happens if I can’t make it do to travel or unforeseen closures?

Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another person at no extra cost ONLY ONCE, NO MORE than 30 days before the event! In the event that border restrictions or lockdowns are in place due to the global pandemic which hinder the success of the event, we will push back the event date to ensure most are able to make it. By purchasing a ticket you take full responsibility for any unforeseen risks, loss, or damages involved.

What does my VIP ticket include?

As a VIP you will have the opportunity to join us for an intimate VIP opening ceremony - Sip & Soul, hosted by Rachel & Ashley, and a special guest facilitating an incredible sound healing, designed to support you in elevating your mindset and emotional wellbeing, and amplifying your message and abundance! You will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded women, and also have preferred seating throughout the entire event!

Still don’t see the A to your Q?

No worries! Contact [email protected] and my team will be there to support you!

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