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Are you ready for the most radical up-level of your life?!

To elevate and amplify who you are, what you’re here to do, how you serve, and how you consciously choose to show up in the world!

Hey Soul Sista, I see you.

No, I REALLY see you. I see you because I’ve been longing for the same thing. I’ve craved to be able to step fully into my purpose.

To be a light towards love and happiness, and create breakthroughs for myself and others.

To create MASSIVE impact, while earning abundantly for the work that I am here to do.

To spread love and light and be a change-maker so we collectively can raise the consciousness of the world.

To end suffering.

To speak my truth.

To stand confidently in who I am, and Why I’m here.


Are you with me?

Here's what the Elevate And Amplify Mastermind is all about:

This mastermind offers you the opportunity to gain high-level support in your life and business, so you can truly know the meaning of total bliss, create an impact doing what you love, and live the life of your dreams!


This program is for any coach, healer, or service based entrepreneur who is ready to take MASSIVE action, and step FULLY into her purpose.

It is for the woman who wants the be a change maker and thought leader.

It is for the woman who wants to claim more for herself.

For the woman who knows she has a gift to share with the world, and is passionate about leaving the world a better place.

It is for the woman who sees the value in investing in herself, so she can reap the benefits and show up in a much larger way.

It is for the woman who wants to solidify her 10K month, and move beyond to multiple 6 figures per year!

This program is a unique and truly personal and spiritual experience. It is the ultimate up-level. Together we will go on a journey through mind, body and spirit, so that we can take aligned action and step fully into our dharma (otherwise known as purpose).

Elevate & Amplify is a program for high-level coaches and service based entrepreneurs, who are ever growing and expanding, to step into their highest truth; to show up as their highest self. It is an exclusive, intimate program, where we will be working together for 12 months.

Here’s how it’s broken down:

The Mind

We will be dissect limiting beliefs, and becoming total badass #bossbabes by applying NLP and EFT practices, mindset strategies, as well as business strategies from branding and marketing, public speaking, writing and sharing your story, and SO MUCH MORE!

The Body

Together we will be understanding the mind-body connection, and enhancing our emotional and physical health so we can show up as our best damn selves, in life and business. Through various modalities we will be diving deeper to peel back the layers to reveal our true self: our soul.

The Soul

This is the time to fully amplify our message and speak even louder from our hearts. To fully live out our vision and contribute in a way that we never have before. The women in this mastermind are women who know they're here for something BIG. They are driven by passion and impact.

There will be three intimate retreats held for each segment of the program…

The purpose of the retreats is to dive deeper into the work we will be discussing on the calls. We will be embodying the material, and making it a part of our DNA.

Each location has a very special place in my heart, as they've been chosen to share my healing journey with you. I can’t wait to come “home” and to be able to give and teach in a way that I have never done before!

Plus, there's an indescribable energetic shift that happens, when women come together  to do this work together. It’s pure magic.


Park City, Utah

The Mind

March 2019


Montreal /Mont Tremblant

The Body

July 2019


Sedona, Arizona

The Soul

October 2019

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This 12 month program includes 2, 1:1 sessions a month,

2 group calls a month with high-level guest teachers,

and 3 all-inclusive luxury retreats for the ultimate up-level!

The shift and transformation you are about to undergo, is inexplicable.

By Choosing to Elevate & Amplify you can expect to gain…

  • Further clarity on your purpose and your offer

  • Opportunities for collaboration with killer boss babes in the group, as well as how to position yourself for the large collaborations you’ve been dreaming of

  • Get access to exclusive training’s, content and courses

  • Proximity is power: I’m bringing highly influential speakers and teachers to YOU, so you can learn from the best of the best

  • Rise into the knowing of who you really are.

  • Amplify your abundance, and bring in those 5-figure months with ease & grace.

  • Land collaborations, speaking gigs, book launches etc. All things PR, Social media, branding and marketing so you can earn more money while making an impact!

  • Raise your prices, and create desirable content that leaves your audience wanting MORE...can anyone say, waiting list?

  • Lead a business with heart and soul. The key is intuitive marketing. It’s the best formula for success.

  • The most supportive and loving community of sisters who get you, love you, and support you in all that you do. These women have the same goals as you. We lift each other up, and hold space for each other to be seen as who we really are.

  • A deep healing experience to clear all the B.S. from our past, so you can take advantage of the most radical up-level, and manifest anything that your heart desires!

I created this program because I know what it feels like to have a huge desire to shine your light in a massive way. To speak your truth, live your passion, while creating a legacy and impact.

There’s so much noise out there… grow your email list, pay for ads, download this free webinar, listen to this podcast… and while all these things help, they’re all missing one MAJOR thing: Selling your services from your SOUL. Taking aligned action and being unapologetic ally, authentically, YOU!

You are your best marketing tool out there, so it’s 100% necessary to do the deep healing work, and continue to grow and expand who you are, from a place of alignment.

I struggled in the industry for years, until I decided enough was enough. I started treating my business like a business, invested in a high-level coach... spent $15K when I only had $2K, wondering if I was about to make one of the stupidest decisions of my life.

Instead, I showed up daily, despite all the fear, made the next right move, and in 6 months I had made my first $10K month!

...and two months after that? I had my first $20K month!

The most exciting part was that I made that money, simply by being myself, and loving and guiding others to their fullest potential.

That, is why the Elevate & Amplify mastermind exists. For us all to love and guide each other to our deepest, fullest potential. It’s been my experience that the minute you say YES, the transformation begins.


So if you’re still reading this, I have a feeling that it’s time for you to Elevate & Amplify!

Your desires are yours for a reason, babe.

Don’t neglect your soul any longer, of what it’s here to do!

Here’s all the details:

Start Date: January 17, 2019



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>>>> 12 months (with 1:1 bonus extension November-December when you enroll NOW)

>>>>2 live group coaching calls a month, includes coaching and Q&A

Some of the topics discussed will include...

Holding the vision & your WHY

Owning your confidence to own your worth (preparing for public speaking)

Scaling an online biz – Becoming influential, all things PR and soulful sales

Relationships in love, life, and business

Leveraging social media for biz growth and increasing engagement rapidly and organically

Daily health practices to become the 6-figure CEO inside of you

Mindset and discipline in health and wellness for optimum success in life & biz

EFT: releasing trauma from the body, for ultimate freedom and success

NLP: get rid of the old and in with the new. YOU Create your destiny, not your past.

Money Mindset & how entrepreneurs sabotage their income

Stepping fully into your dharma

Ignite your Soul Brand- all things branding: your brand personality, mood board, photo shoots

Manifestation and universal laws - co-creating with the universe is EASY!

Let’s spice it up, and increase our success rate with Orgasmic Manifestation, and understanding masculine and feminine energy

Leading with heart

And soooo much more. I’ve put together a fantastic panel of guest speakers and have regular group coaching and Q&A calls in between as well.

>>>>2 50 min. 1:1 sessions a month, recorded for playback


>>>>Private FB group for added sense of community and support
>>>>Unlimited Email & FB messenger support
>>>>High level Guest teachers! (I’m talking celeb status in the industry...proximity is power)


When I had my discovery call with my coach, she said something to me, and I’ll never stop saying it, because she was absolutely right…

“The minute you say YES, the transformation begins”  

Join me!!!!

I am deeply grateful and honored to be guiding you through this transformative process.

Can’t wait to meet you beautiful!

Love & Gratitude,

Rachel Joy