Hey, Soul Sista!

Elevate & Amplify (5).png

Congrats & Welcome!

Before we do anything, stop for a minute. Put on some good-ass tunes, and DANCE! Raise your vibration because you just made one of the biggest decisions that is sure to change the course of your life.

One thing that I’ve learned about creating a life by my design is how important it is to celebrate every single win (even the small ones) because it primes our brain to increasing our abundance!

This will be where you will find all call recordings from group coaching sessions and guest teachers. I will also provide you with any further details or resources here, as well as the Facebook group. Your personal 1:1 sessions will be recorded and accessed via a google doc that is shared with only you and me, for your own privacy.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and allowing me to serve. I am going to go above and beyond to not only make this a memorable year for you, but to also make sure that your success is inevitable.

That’s right babe, you heard me: Your success is inevitable!

With that being said, what do you desire?

Go on, write it down, and don’t be shy.

CLAIM IT. It’s yours, and it’s waiting.

It’s time to Elevate and Amplify!

Love & Gratitude,

Rachel Joy