Welcome to Module 2

Business & Career

Soul Work!

  1. Complete the workbook below to help you release your self sabotaging behaviours, and get grounding in the knowingness of who you are really, and why you’re here

  2. oil up, and listen to the hypnosis in a quiet relaxing space

  3. write a letter from your higher self, forgiving you for sabotaging yourself, and being grateful for clearing out the old and what’s no longer serving you within your relationship to your business/career and WELCOMING in the OPENNESS and willingness of receiving, the confidence and worthiness that reflects the next level version of yourself!

  4. root chakra meditation

  5. tapping into your purpose

  6. Take a shot of your work or you watching this module , for a shout out on my page, to connect with new potential clients, like minded women, and followers!