Welcome to Module 1

The Law of Divine Oneness & The Law of Vibration


1.In what area(s) of my life am I allowing my ego to control my thoughts and actions?

2.What negative consequences have occurred as a result of living in a fear-based state?

3.Why must this change now?

4.How has fear stopped you from serving others?

5.What is one thing I am willing to do daily, to commit to living in the field of pure potentiality?

6.What is one thing I am willing to commit to, to ensure I am high vibe more often than not?

7.How will this change my life, and why must I make this change now?


“I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.”
“I am love.”
“I am an energetic match for all my desires.”
“I attract what I desire.”
“I am fully aligned to my soul’s calling.”
“Good vibes only.”
“I am humble, and squash my ego when necessary.”
“I am mindful of my thoughts, words, and actions.”
“I am in full alignment.”
“I am powerful beyond measure.”