Welcome to Module 10: The Law of Dharma


1. What needs were you trying to fulfill through your old primary question? (mod. 9) ex. Love, gratitude.

2 .What is your new empowering primary question? (One that fulfills your needs and leads your life in the direction you desire and deserve)

3 .How does your new primary question meet your 6 human needs at a deeper level?

4. What benefits does this new empowering question proved you with today, and for the rest of your life?

5. What are your unique gifts and talents? List them.

6. If money was of no concern, what would you do for work?

7. How am I best suited to serve humanity?


“I have a purpose to fulfill.”

“I have value to give.”

“I attract all the wealth I desire, by living my purpose.”

"I am true to my Self.”

“It is a privilege to be alive.”

“I can do ____________ in a way that nobody else can.”

“My unique talents are needed by others.”

“I do what I love every day.”

“I am true to my life’s purpose.”

“I manifest my desires by living my purpose and helping others.”