Welcome to Module 2: The Law of Giving


1.In what ways are you blocking abundance from showing up in your life?

2.Do you have trouble receiving gifts from people and why?

3.What is your money story?

4.How must you raise your vibration so that giving and receiving flows?

5.What are 3 things that you would like to call into your life?

6.Do you give those things to others or the universe freely?

7.What are 3 things you will do consistently to give more?


“Abundance is all around me.”

“Money flows to me effortlessly.”

“I am grateful for the abundance of money that is currently flowing into my bank accounts.”

“I effortlessly attract all the wealth I need and desire.”

“I am worthy of all of my desires.”

“In giving, I receive.”

"I am an energetic match for my deepest desires.”

“Contribution and giving, brings me peace and joy.”

“I live an abundant life.”

“I receive with ease and grace.”