Welcome to Module 3:

The Law of Rhythm & The Law of Gender


1. What is one part of my life that I can look back on and see with confidence that life was happening for me, not too me?

2. What are 3 practices I will implement to help nourish my soul, even in the low points of life?

3. In what ways are you in touch with your body?

4. How would you like to improve your connection to your bodies natural rhythms?

5. Growing up what was your mothers dominant energy force? What was your fathers?

6. What energy force do you feel you live most often in?

7. How is it serving you? How is it not serving you?


“I follow the rhythm of life.”

“I honour my current state.”

“Light and dark work congruently in my life.”

“Life is happening for me, I trust the universes flow.”

“My cycles and rhythms talk to me and guide me.”

“I value my innate ability to heal and grow rapidly.”

“I am divinely connected to source.”

“I no longer need to hide under a mask of masculinity/femininity. It is safe to be me.”

“My masculine energy sees the feminine in me, and my feminine energy see the masculine in me.”

“I am balanced and in harmony.”