Welcome to Module 4: The Law of Karma


1. In what ways has your past conditioning served you?

2. In what ways has your past conditioning held you back? (Think of one or two specific instances)

3. Where did this past conditioning originate?

4 .What are the consequences of valuing this conditioned behavior? Why must I change this behavior now?

5. What karmic debts do you have to pay?

6. Which 3 will you tackle first, and how?

7. What challenge are you being faced with currently? Meditate on it, while tuning into your heart. Then journal the answer you receive.


“I create my reality.”

“I take time daily to connect to the divine source within me.”

“My heart always knows best.”

“Divine energy within me, humbly restores me from previous wrongdoings.”

“I forgive, and I am forgiven.”

“I am in a constant exchange with people, places and things, and show up fully.”

"I treat others with love and compassion.”

“I reap exactly what I sow, with abundance.”

“I am mindful of the choices I make.”

“I use conscious choice-making to better my life.”