Welcome to Module 7: 

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy


1. Can you recall a time that you were wishing or talking about something and then minutes, days, months later it appeared? What was it?

2. How did you feel?

3. Recall a time similar to my personal story. What was a time in your life where you managed to transmute negative energy into something positive?

4. What was the lesson? Where were you blocked? How did you feel after the positive outcome?

5. Where are your thoughts currently?

6. What tools can you use, or actions you can take to amplify this feeling? Or if it’s a negative thought, what can you do to transmute this energy?

7. By assessing my thoughts, I now feel…., I now am….


“I have the power to turn any situation from a negative to a positive.”

“I think my dream life into reality.”

“I am aligned.”

“The energy within me is neither positive or negative.”

“I just am.”

“My current circumstances are a result of my history’s thoughts.”

“I focus on the results I desire.”

"If I can dream it, I can achieve it.”

"I radically shift energies quickly, when needed.”

“I live in a state of peace, love, and abundance.”