The ultimate VIP Private Coaching Experience

I’ve always been an introspective soul. I wondered why I felt a little bit different, why I experienced things that were out of the “norm”…There were a lot of times when I felt alone in life, when all I wanted to do was belong. 
I wanted to feel happy. 
I didn’t want to worry about such irrational fears. 
I didn’t want every single thing to feel like such a big decision. 
I didn’t want to live in pain and anguish, and I often wondered why this was happening to me, or what the meaning of life was. 

I knew there had to be a better way.

I was bogged down and confined by the barriers of self.

I didn’t want that anymore. I wanted FREEDOM. 

I finally mustered up the courage to peel back the layers of self, and create my own sense of freedom. It started with one courageous call for help and guidance: “Mom, I know I have greatness within me. I want to be great. I just don’t know HOW to be great.” 

Have you ever felt like that?

Chances are if you’ve landed on this page, there's a small part of you...or big part perhaps, that knows you’re made for more. 

Whether you consciously know what that is or not, you have this deep sense of knowing that you’re playing small. 

The problem is... you don’t know where to go, what to do, or how to get there. 

That’s where I come in. 

Not only have I walked the path, but as a highly trained and certified coach in many modalities I’ve got the skills, tools, and resources to guide you to your own Freedom Formula™️. Not to mention, what I teach is different. I’m not only a badass coach, but I am also highly intuitive which allows me to see through your B.S. 

I can see when you’re playing small

I can see when you’re stuck in fear. 

I can see when you’re not being your true authentic self. 

I can see when your ego is RAGING.

I can see when you’re stuck indecision. 

I can see when you’re acting out of alignment.

...and I don’t let that shit fly.

That’s not what you came here for.

You came here for freedom, meaning you’re willing to show up fully and completely, and I’m here to help you make the necessary decisions, clear action steps, and accountability you need to propel yourself into massive action and the momentum you’ve been waiting for! 

The Freedom Formula is for the woman who is ready to stop settling, own her power, truly shine as a leader and in turn create a sense of belonging and live in the overflow of unlimited potential abundance. The Freedom Formula is  about making the decisions in a clear and concise way, to give you momentum in your life and business, that allow you to take the necessary action to step fully into your freedom! 

The Freedom Formula™️ has been build upon 5 pillars that result in a total transformation in both your personal life, and your business: Fulfillment, Empowerment, Action, Embodiment and Transcendence. By creating a deeper understanding and readiness in the following pillars, you are able to create the following results in your life…


Personal Freedom

You can have the best marketing in the world, but if you’re not crystal clear on who you are really, and why you’re here…if you’re unable to own your worth and stand confidently in your truth, and if there’s still certain negative emotions lingering from years ago on how certain people, places, and things, made you feel, than none of the latest marketing and social media trends matter! Your energy is a vital component to your business strategy. Claiming your personal freedom is about becoming the embodiment of your higher self; your soul. In order to do so, we must get rid what’s not serving us first. Unlocking the code to your own personal freedom is the most important part to reaching ultimate freedom.


Time Freedom

Having opened the flood gates of self, personal freedom comes pouring into your life. This change creates a drastic elevation in your mood, relationships, and of course…abundance and how you show up for your business. The next steps is to create more time freedom, so you can enjoy your life, while you have it! You didn’t become an entrepreneur so you could be a slave to your work. Having created a crystal clear vision of where you want to go, together we will implement the strategy and structure needed, to get you from dream to reality. We’ll spend an entire day building out all the necessary systems, funnels, programs, and structure necessary to allow you to work less, while earning and playing more!


Financial Freedom

This is an important part to the formula, and again it has everything to do with energy, and nothing to do with strategy. Your financial freedom is directly related to your relationship with money….which was given to us. Yep, you heard me. Given to us. By age 7 our values and beliefs have been programmed in our brains, based off the people, places, and things we perceived. How our parents behaved and felt about money has a direct correlation to our own financial freedom. It doesn’t matter how many money meditations or affirmations you state, we must deal with the problem at the root. It’s time to rewrite the story, heal the generational wounds, and tap into your flow, because ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

How It Works


The process to cracking the code on your own Freedom Formula requires willingness,and readiness to get uncomfortable. It requires you to look at everything in your life, good and bad, that has brought you to this very moment…right here, reading these words.

It’s not about the strategy and structure, but more the energy you bring to your life and business that makes you successful and fulfilled. That is why the all-inclusive luxury VIP weekend with me in Toronto is an imperative component to The Freedom Formula™️. There are two things that have gotten me to where I am today…continually investing in myself, and immersion events such as Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, retreats and VIP days with my various mentors. These experiences allow you to integrate on a cellular level, creating lasting change.

The Freedom Formula is comprised of various coaching and holistic modalities, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), T.I.M.E Techniques, Hypnotherapy, meditation, essential oils, Reiki, Human Design, nutrition, and movement…just to name a few. Creating your dream life isn’t cookie cutter, and neither is the formula or tool box that I carry.

Together we will peel back the layers of self, identify deep rooted beliefs and traumas, release what's no longer serving you, and create a new empowered state, that allows you to flow into freedom for lasting change.

From there we can gain clarity on your goals and the true vision that you hold for your life. We will create achievable outcomes creating more personal, time, and financial freedom.

You will return home to integrate and implement your very own freedom formula, where you’ll have bi-weekly virtual coaching calls for accountability, implementation, and to overcome any further obstacles that arise as you integrate into the real world.


The Freedom Formula is a process that is unique to you, and has been designed to provide you with a MASSIVE inner and outer transformation, that will leave you feeling happy, fulfilled, confident, empowered and FREE!


Images are for marketing purposes only, accommodation is based upon availability at time of booking, however will be comparable to images, as I believe strongly in the environment to which you learn and grow being imperative to your transformation.


What’s included


All-inclusive coaching package


  • 2 nights in luxury accommodation in the heart of Toronto

  • transportation

  • all meals

  • Two days of coaching and workshop (12-16 hrs.)

  • Anddd a few surprises, of course


  • 1 pre-VIP day deep dive (recorded for playback via zoom)

  • 2 coaching sessions (recorded for playback via zoom)

  • 2 follow up sessions to be used any time within the year (recorded for playback via zoom)

Bliss Biz Babe

Lifetime access, including all updates, to digital program Bliss Biz Babe to monetize your passion and scale your biz in the online space.

Passion & Purpose

Free ticket to an immersive 2 day event to help continue your growth, and integrate even deeper. This event is held 3 times a year, so you can choose whichever date works best for you… PLUS as a VIP client, you have the privilege of bringing a friend or family member for Free!


Final Joy Note…

If you are apprehensive about enrolling or still questioning it, please, please, please, reach out to me!!! Don't keep waiting to say YES to YOU!!

Busting through my fears and limiting beliefs, and becoming an energetic match for all my desires has truly given me a life beyond what I could've ever imagined 10 years ago. A life full of love, joy, abundance, happiness, health and success. 

Stop doubting yourself, and know that you are capable, and you are worthy!! If you feel the push to jump in...JUMP! 

I am not here to convince you into bettering your life. What I am here for, is to empower you to live a life of intention, abundance, happiness and love- knowing that you are worthy of a life of your dreams. 

If I can do it, so can you! So darling, all I ask of you is to feel the fear... and do it anyway!

Much Love & Gratitude always, 

Rachel Joy