You’re ready to bring more peace, joy, and energy to the most important areas of your life, as a mother and business owner, aren’t you?!


In this exclusive, never-released-before podcast series, you will...

🗲Gain Clarity on what's creating your burnout in motherhood, marriage and business, and how to simplify your to-do lists and goals in a way that is FAILPROOF(...btw, it's not your toddler demanding another snack, or your pile of emails in your support inbox.)

🗲Understand why you keep falling short on promises to yourself, like launching that next thing, or not yelling at your kids today, and how to break-free from the shame/guilt cycle it creates(...better yet, I'll be giving you the exact scientific formula you need to make sure that those detrimental habits STOP NOW, so that you can fully create your House of Joy)

🗲See a glimpse of what your very own House of Joy can look like, so that you can create the memories, experiences, and opportunities you want to create for your children! 

Meet Your Host:

Rachel is a soon-to-be mama of TWO, lover of personal development, and biohacking rituals, as well as, a Serial Entrepreneur and a board-certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching.

She is the Founder of Rachel Joy, a luxury personal development brand, accompanied by its emerging sister brand, House of Joy; a Life & Success Coaching Community & Hub Ambitious and Empowered Mamas. Additionally, Rachel is the Co-Founder of Total Recovery Practitioner; A trauma informed, immersive accredited certification program, designed with the high-level support of a business mastermind, and the immersive experience of a spiritual retreat.

Rachel has an extensive background with additional certifications in Transformational Parenting,  Health Coaching, Personal Training, Addiction Counseling, and more. In combination with her expertise as a Certified Trainer, Rachel takes a unique approach to generate freedom in her clients' lives. Rachel has been featured in media such as The CW Network, Thrive Global, and top podcast Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder with over 37 Million downloads. She is a powerful facilitator of transformational change, and is extremely passionate about helping women claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams. Visit Rachel on Instagram @TheRachelJoy1, @official.houseofjoy or online at


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