6 simple steps to awaken to higher levels of consciousness, performance, and success. 



If you're a Coach (seasoned or aspiring), Therapist, Social Worker, Mental Health or Wellness Practitioner, ready to create lasting and empowered change in your client's lives, join us to learn our proprietary method that holds a 97% success rate, in treating addiction, trauma, and mental health challenges!



What you'll learn inside AWAKEN Sessions:

✔️ Our proprietary method to create powerful, and rapid, change and emotional healing.

✔️ The importance of informed  creating emotionally safe spaces as a facilitator that don't exacerbate trauma or heavier emotions

✔️ A science-backed approach to creating change on a psycho-somatic, by working with subconscious reprogramming and somatic experiencing

...and so much more!

Meet Your Trainers

I’m Jeanne Foot, founder of The Recovery ConciergeI’m the living embodiment of adversity of all kinds: overcoming grief, loss, abuse and repeated trauma, living with PTSD for five decades, mental illness, addiction and trauma, shame and eventually cultivating resilience and purpose in my life. 

I am keenly aware of the systemic gaps in medical and clinical models of care to allow others to break free of the patterns that hold them stuck. I suffered for years in silence with deep emotional wounds, while appearing to the outside world that I had it all together.

It wasn’t until I researched various modalities that I created a model to heal and transform adversity and blocks caused by trauma by optimizing brain health and body wisdom. 

My experience has shown me that it only works when we incorporate a method in a life-affirming, holistic way that integrates mind, body, and spirit into every aspect of our lives.


Trauma is the most overused word in the mental health and wellness sector, however, it is also the least understood. I’ve made it my mission to change that and you can too!


 I'm Rachel! Since 2018, I've become the Founder of the Lifestyle and Personal Development Brand, Rachel Joy Inc. 

As Certified Trainer in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching, combined with an education in Health Coaching, Personal Training, Addiction Counselling, and Somatic Experiencing, I have become OBSESSED with supporting Female Entrepreneurs, Mamas, and Coaches like you, in gaining the tools and resources necessary to become your happiest, wealthiest and abundant self!

I'm formerly the Founder of Transcend Academy, where I trained and certified over 100 Coaches and Practitioners, now replaced with Total Recovery Practitioner because 2 heads are better than 1, isn't it?

Since becoming a mother nearly 3 years ago, I have stepped more into my role and identity as a mother, and have recognized a deeper layer of the importance of positive and healthy programming during our formative years, and the power that a parent plays in the overall destiny of a human beings life.

Together my mom and I, have paired our strengths to bring you the ultimate certification in the things that create a happy, healthy, and successful life: Inner Child Healing, Subconscious and Somatic reprogramming, and Emotional Intelligence & Regulation!

The Transformation is in the YES

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