At Rachel Joy, we believe that creating the  family life or business of your dreams, is easier than you think! In fact, it’s as simple as trusting your intuition, taking imperfect MASSIVE action, and diving deep into your subconscious…and we’ve got a variety of ways to support you in getting there quickly and easily!

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So nice to meet you!

Hey, I’m Rachel! CEO of Rachel Joy Inc., A full-service, coaching boutique for female entrepreneurs and parents. I'm a Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Writer…as well as a certified Trainer and Co-Founder of board-recognized coaching certification Total Recovery Practitioner.

With a wide array of skills, experience, and expertise, in subconscious change-work, trauma, addiction, parenting and family dynamics, online marketing, business strategy and more, I’ve become a highly sought after and powerful facilitator of transformational change, in both life and business, for the woman who wants it all, without any sacrifices that come at a cost to herself or her family. 

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Get instant access to my 5-part exclusive podcast series, to reignite your spark in motherhood, marriage, and business. 

  • 1Creating Your Design Concept for MORE SPARK
  • 2What Really Creates Your SPARK in Life + How to Get it.
  • 3The JOY Code.
  • 4BONUS: Inner Child Healing Hypnosis
  • 5Are You Ready to LIVE in Your House of JOY?
House of Joy

Discover Profound Peace & Success in Just 20 min. Per Day.

House of Joy

At House of Joy, we are your personal development and accountability to create the memories, experiences, and opportunities you want for your family.

Consider it your fave daily meditation app that you log in to for just 10-20 min. per day, with a personalized plan to rewrite limiting beliefs and behaviors, surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded women, so that you really can be the empowered and ambitious mama that you know you're meant to be!

By prioritizing yourself, you'll not only reclaim your joy but also set the stage for your children to thrive as well.


Coaching 01

Private Coaching is done differently around here. There’s nobody like you, and therefore every coaching package or session is custom curated to meet you and your unique goals and challenges with where you’re at. I offer a wide variety of 1:1 Coaching services such as 90. Min intensive sessions, ongoing 1:1 coaching, breakthrough days, hypnotherapy bundles, and more. Spaces are limited, and often have a waitlist. 

Inquire below to create and declare your unique coaching pathway! 

Courses 02

From self-paced digital programs, to live group coaching, all on a variety of focus from parenting, to manifestation and law of attraction, quitting self sabotage, and emotional wellbeing, success and money mindset, business development, embodying the identity of your highest self and more, there’s something for everyone!

No matter where you’re at in life,  you can easily plug into any of our self paced programs with instant access, and feel connected to a community of like-minded women immediately.


Intergenerational Repatterning Toolkit

What once was a free gift for an exclusive guest speaking segment I taught, was so highly regarded, I decided to share it with everyone! 

You are not who you think you are… you are who you think other people think you are. 

Dive into the intergenerational repatterining toolkit to begin your reprogramming process of breaking the chains of intergenerational trauma and patterns, for a life of alignment, joy and emotional freedom!