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At Rachel Joy, we believe that creating the life or business of your dreams, is easier than you think! In fact, it’s as simple as trusting your intuition, taking imperfect MASSIVE action, and diving deep into your subconscious…and we’ve got a variety of ways to support you in getting there quickly and easily!

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Hey, I’m Rachel! CEO of Rachel Joy Inc., A full-service, coaching boutique and certification academy. I'm a Speaker, Teacher, and Writer…as well as a certified Trainer and Founder of board-recognized coaching certification Transcend Academy. With a wide array of skills, experience, and expertise, in subconscious change-work, trauma, addiction, online marketing, business strategy and more, I’ve become a highly sought after and powerful facilitator of transformational change, in both life and business, for the woman who wants it all!

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Speak Louder Podcast


Here we will have the real and raw conversations that promote healing and breakthroughs, through vulnerability and connection, and the tools and tips needed to help you transcend to your highest potential.

  • 1Speak LOUDER with Rachel Joy
  • 2Anxiety, Fear, Shame, Guilt, Shock, Don’t Define You.
  • 3What’s Your Coaching Archetype?
  • 4My Body is My Strategy.
  • 5Year 1 of Being a Mama

Easily create your dream reality, and finally be unlimited!


Have big dreams or a certain vision for your life, yet it feels so far out of reach? You know you have the capabilities and potential, you just don’t know how to fully tap into it. 

Lucky for you, with the power of the subconscious mind (the part that’s responsible for the majority of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours), you can easily shift your identity to BEcome the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

UNLIMITED is a journey to unleash your most resilient, confident, limitless self, resulting in more personal power and freedom than ever before!

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Private Coaching is done differently around here. My signature method, known as The Freedom Formula is a journey and deep dive into your subconscious- the place where 99% of your thoughts, feelings, and beleifs reside. Want a different result? Look beneath the surface in the format of a 1 or 2 day breakthrough day, followed up by 1:1 sessions for additional accountability, implementation and integration.

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From self-paced to live group coaching programs all on a variety of focus from manifestation to law of attraction, starting an online business, scaling your online business, quitting self sabotage, embodying the identity of your highest self and more, there’s something for everyone! No matter where you’re at in life,  you can easily plug into any of our programs with instant access, and feel connected to a community of like-minded women immediately.

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Take this quiz to identify your strengths as a coach, to know where and how, to pour your energy so that you can expand your business easily and effortlessly!