The Struggles of an Entrepreneur: Balance

Let’s talk Hustle vs. Align.

For an entrepreneur, especially a soulpreneur, to own a thriving business, one needs not just the hustle, but also the alignment. I find I carry both qualities quite evenly balanced, however, there are times when I’m too far on the spectrum of either.

When we are too far on the end of alignment...well, I don’t think there is such a thing as too much alignment, but we must be sure to come down from our spiritual pink cloud every now and then, to actually get work done. That’s where the hustle comes in...

Ahhh, the hustle. The daily grind. The whole reason we opted-in for our own business.

We said no to the commute, and hello to flexibility and living life on our terms.

We said no to being told what to do, and yes to making up the rules.

We said no to being told who our clients are, and one big F-yeah to choosing who we work with.

We said no to doing passionless work day in, and day out, and an even bigger FUCK YEAH to doing work that we truly LOVE.

That’s the problem though...because we love what we do, it can be so easy to become overworked, stressed and burned out, as balance is an ongoing practice. I don’t know a single person who has this balance thing perfectly aced. (If you do, please put me in touch with me) Of course, there are times when we feel balanced, but that won’t last. Just as the Universal Law of Rhythm states, what goes up, must come down. What flows freely, will soon see drought. Where there is light, there is also dark. That’s just how the world works. So how do we manage?

Last week I was in total hustle mode with a major burst of alignment. I was getting divine downloads, left, right and centre. I seriously have enough topics and words that came to me, that I could write an entire novel…which I will do one day. And It’ll be an NY Times Best Seller as well 😉 But for now, let’s stay focused on this blog.

Due to the crazy amount of alignment I was in, I was in my zone of creative genius. How many can relate? As entrepreneurs, when the creativity flows, we gotta take it and run! Use all the creativity before it runs out. In an effort to create our ideas into physical products, services and courses, we end up swinging to the total opposite side: HUSTLE. And this time, we’re in deep.

This is the exact place I was in last week. And while I was enjoying myself, thinking it was magical and great, it wasn’t until the end of the week that I noticed the consequences of my passionate hustle. Thursday, I looked up from my laptop and said to myself, “Shit. How did this place become so neglected?” Dishes piling up, kitchen counter stained and dirty, papers and glasses all over the coffee table, the dining room table, which doubles as my home office… well, I’m sure you can imagine was worse than the coffee table, the garbage needing to be taken out, and the place in a deep need of a vacuum!

My exterior world reflected my inner world. By the end of the week, I was feeling stressed no matter how much meditation I did. I was just in chronic work mode. Even after hubby came home from his day, I was still working. I couldn’t turn off. I didn’t notice the serious effect that my hustle had on my alignment until I was laying on my bed, dizzy and short of breath, having a panic attack, asking myself, “Why is this happening?” I suddenly knew the answers.

I’m anxious AF because I’m in an up-level. I’m growing, I’m making huge progress, and it’s bringing up my old stories of not being enough.

Do you really think you can do this?

Do you really think you have value to add?

Do you really think you’ll be able to run retreats?

Do you really think you’ll be big enough to host events?

Do you really think you’ll be a New York Times best seller?

Do you really think that you were made for this?

Well, YES! I DO. I KNOW MY MISSION LIKE NO OTHER. So again, why was this happening? Why the self-doubt and fear?

Well firstly,  Up-leveling does that to you. It’s how you grow. But the focus of this blog is on number two: BALANCE. There was no way that I even came close to meeting the definition of the word balance last week. I had skipped my morning meditation most days to get straight to work, I hadn’t been journaling, I hadn’t done anything to make myself feel physically and emotionally loved, valued, and whole. I wasn't living by the rules that I teach in my Healthy Body, Happy Heart Challenge.  (click here to get access free)

As I filled out my journal for the day, I always focus on lessons learned for the day. My lesson was: YOU COME FIRST. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR MORNING RITUAL. This may sound lame, but it’s true.

My morning time is what sets me up for the day.

My morning time is what connects me to source and my vision.

My morning time is what reminds me of how loved, valued, and blessed I am.

My morning time is what has created Rachel Joy Lifestyle Design, and it is what will make it continue to flourish.

So if you’re still reading this, I bet you can relate. Right? Otherwise, you would’ve stopped a while ago. So here’s my question for you: Where can you bring more balance into your life?

Love & Gratitude, 

Rachel Joy


I Don't Know a Single Woman that Doesn't Struggle with This...

I think the struggle of body image, how we view ourselves compared to how others truly view us, is something that every single woman can relate to. Even the most confident women in the world, have little insecurities. Some of these insecurities we can change, and some of them we cant. So rather than beating ourselves up for how we were born and meant to be, asking “Why is this happening to me? Why am I not good enough? Beautiful enough? Slim enough?” Whatever it may be…perhaps we should as a better question which would be: “How can I learn to love and accept myself fully and completely so that I can be the confident woman that I truly want to be?”

Here are some things that have worked for me…


Know it’s lumps and bumps. For not just appreciation but also possible health concerns. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s always giving us warning signs. We just need to pay attention to those.

GET RID OF THE SCALE, and appreciate your figure in the mirror instead. If you are on any weight loss or fitness journey, I find progress photos are the best way to capture your progress. At the end of the day, the scale is just a number and it doesn’t share anything valuable about how you look or feel.


Shave the parts that need to be shaved, and lotion the parts that need to be lotioned. Taking the extra 10-15 minutes out of your day to treat your body with some love and compassion does wonders for your self-worth and happiness. It sends a message saying, YOU ARE WORTHY

I don’t care how strapped you are for cash, go get that monthly manicure, facial, massage, - whatever it is for you! Again, spending that money is a statement. You claim your power as the act of spending money on yourself in a healthy manner, says I AM WORTHY OF THIS. I DESERVE TO FEEL RELAXED, HAPPY, FRESH, CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL, whatever it is for you. The money you spend on yourself will come back to you 10-fold in the results you get from being a happier person.


I have strong legs. I used to want model-like toothpick legs, as I thought it would give the illusion that I’m taller. Today, I am happy with my legs, because I’ve replaced the language. “I am so grateful I have an athletes body with strong legs, to help me walk, run. jump, squat more, constantly test my strength, and power through my day.”


So this goes back to some of what's written above; get rid of the scale! But also don’t obsess about every roll in the mirror… WE ALL HAVE ROLLS! My husbands nickname for me is BUDDHA OKAY?! Loll I HAVE ROLLS TOO. You can have abs and rolls all at the same time. It does not mean you are overweight or any less of a person if you have rolls. So stop checking! Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your health or fitness journey.


We all have our own unique DNA which determines, our skin hair and I colour, our health, our muscle mass and shape, our metabolic rate etc. Some of us have different advantages than others so we need to work with what we’ve been given, rather than saying, “oh I wish I was like Blake Lively.” Okay? love Blake Lively. But she's tall and blonde. I’m 5’ and brunette. I could never be like her, no matter how hard I tried. So embrace your own secret sauce, your own beauty!

If you found this valuable and would like to strengthen your own perception of self, I have a crazy epic guidebook for you. Click here to get access to my 14 Healthy Body, Happy Heart Challenge NOW.

And before I go, this is the key player to everything, and it's related to embracing your secret sauce…and that is, LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Meaning examine your values and live according to those values! When we are living in alignment with ourselves, all our insecurities fade away. When we are in alignment, we are operating at a higher vibration where any insecurities that we do have, no longer hold strength over us. People places and things just flow, and we are more concerned about how good of a human being we are. It no longer becomes a battle of the exterior, but rather a flow of the interior beauty. Our love, our hope, our wisdom and intelligence, our compassion and our ability to serve others. That’s what truly makes someone beautiful and when you live from that place, you feel beautiful as well!

This is also something that we discuss in my 1:1 VIP coaching program. So if you’re wanting to explore this topic and how it’s affecting almost every area in your life from relationships to health and happiness, to career and business, I encourage you to CLICK HERE AND APPLY! We will then hope on a free video call to talk things out and see if we are a good fit for eachother. Spots are limited, so don’t let fear and resistance hold you back! If you are hearing this message then it’s for YOU!

Love & Gratitude,

Rachel Joy