Lighten the Load of Parenting

in a way that doesn't come at a cost to your child!

Let’s paint a picture for a moment…

Before kids, or in the early innocent newborn days, you imagined your future family with visions of joyful laughter and play, endless love, a happy rich and fulfilling partnership, and a world of wonder and precious moments you can’t wait to share with your little one(s)…Instead, life sped up SO fast that you feel like you can’t keep up between your career, marriage, and taking care of your littles, there’s just too much to keep up with, and you can’t keep the balls in the air. You find yourself experiencing fatigue, your regular rituals are falling by the wayside, your marriage is harbouring resentment and perhaps experiencing lack-luster, and you notice yourself showing up for your children in ways that you know you don’t want to, or can do better, but you just don’t know how.

These are all signs and symptoms of parental burnout, which I am way too familiar with. I’m a very happy and proud mama to a brilliant and VERY energetic and strong willed 3-year-old boy, and found myself saying to my husband and parents “I LOVE my son, I wouldn’t trade this life, but sometimes I kinda wish I didn’t become a mom.” I was completely burnt out, and I had nothing left to give to anybody. I was losing my temper way more than I wanted to (and I know the importance of programming), smoking and drinking regularly (even though I had healthier coping mechanisms), and my goals and self-esteem started to slip away, (and I honestly didn’t even care).  It was time to approach my life, and parenting in a completely different light...You can relate a little bit, can't you?

Can you imagine...

  • Feeling cool, calm, and collected, and be 100% fully emotionally present and supportive when your child is having a meltdown
  • Seeing love and attraction in your partner's eyes againeven if you’re not sleeping through the night when you totally feel like you should be by now (this relates to teen parents too). 
  • Hearing the infectious sound of your child's laughter as you spend time with them, PLAYING, and it actually comes easily. You’re not worried about the to-do lists, what else needs to get done, or how you’d much rather take a bubble bath. When you hear your little one innocently say, “Mummy, want to play?” Without hesitation, you say, “Sure, baby! I’d love to!”

These are just some of the results that taking a parent-centric approach to parenting has created for me. But the greatest one of all is being able to know myself, and my childhood, on a much deeper level, creating so much more self-awareness than ever before.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and in collaboration with Jai Institute for Transformational Parenting, I’ve created a proven system to help you LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF PARENTING, even when it’s “hard”. 

That’s why I’m so incredibly excited to introduce you to Transformational Parenting!
If you're ready to love every moment of being a parent


Did you know that 66% of parents suffer from parental burnout?

I, like you, am one of the 66%. 

Since taking a parent-centric approach to parenting, and committing myself to become a Certified Transformational Parenting Coach, I have noticed an increase in energy, a more positive outlook on life, stronger and healthier boundaries and communication, not just with my child, but with myself, my husband, and my own parents! 

I’ve made deeper sense and peace with my own childhood (and I’ve done IMMENSE amounts of inner child work in the past, that I thought I had done it all!), which has opened me up to how much of my own upbringing and subconscious reprogramming really do dictate how I show up for my famity. I’m so happy and grateful I said yes to this work, because I have the power to break unhealthy generational patterns within my family, and also am making a direct impact in shaping the future generations as a collective!

When you implement the 4 month Transformational Parenting Journey,

Tired, Stressed, and Burned Out
Energized, organized, and at peace.

Using old school ways of discipline that don’t fully align with your values, but you don’t know any other way…that works!
Mastering nervous system regulation for both you and your child, nonviolent communication, and creating a strong and secure attachment for your child to feel safe and well adjusted in this big, crazy, world!

Harbouring resentment at your partner for putting eachother last, and the differences in parenting styles.
Renewing love, trust, and honesty with eachother, and respecting each others parenting styles without trying to change them!
So, what is Transformational Parenting anyways?

Transformational Parenting is a 12-module program and 4 month group coaching program, that teaches you how to fall in love with being a parent, by mastering communication, subconscious reprogramming, and inner child healing.

We take a parent-centric approach to parenting meaning this isn’t about “How do I get my child to just listen to me already?!” Instead, it’s about letting your child be a teacher for you. It’s about stepping into your child’s world as a safe place for them to always land, even when they make a mistake. And that always starts with you…who you are as a parent, and who your parents were (or weren’t), for you when you were a child.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Understand the importance of emotional regulation and child development, and how you can support your child to grow up to be happy, healthy, successful and confident adult. 
  • Recognize the impact of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values on your child and how it shapes their model of the world (for better and for worse), with the power of subconscious mind, which is responsible for ~99% of all thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 
  • Learn to love yourself, your parents, and your childhood way more than you ever thought, making peace with certain parts of your past that are currently subconsciously stopping you from being the parent you want to truly be! 

No more shouting or ultimatums. No more frustration and inadequacy. No more burnout.

Here's how the program breaks down...

A Sneak Peak Into the Modules

You will get instant access to an online learning portal with lifetime access, and will have weekly groups coaching calls to expand on each training: 

  • WEEK 1: Welcome & Intro to Transformational Parenting
  • WEEK 2: Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent
  • WEEK 3: The Ten Pillars of Empowered Parenting
  • WEEK 4: Making Sense of Attachment Science 
  • WEEK 5: Making Sense of Nervous System Science 
  • WEEK 6: Making Sense of Mindsight & Brain Science
  • WEEK 7: Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence 
  • WEEK 8: Empowered Conversations 
  • WEEK 9: Establishing Boundaries from Family Values 
  • WEEK 10: Exploring Anger & Healthy Aggression
  • WEEK 11: Playful Parenting 
  • WEEK 12: Your Personal Transformation! 
We've know you’re a busy and tired parent, which is why we’ve made it super simple for you to succeed…

Coaching is hands-on and high touch support in an intimate group setting, with proven scientific coaching practices, backed by science, making your transformation inevitable as long as you show up for it. All calls are recorded for replay. 


Between the content and coaching itself, we’ve also made sure that you’re not only absorbing this information but INTEGRATING and EMBODYING it, by supporting you to create the change on a subconscious level with special bonuses (see below).


A space where you belong. Connect with like-minded parents who are playing at the same level of commitment to excellence for themselves and the legacy that they wish to leave behind for their children. 


Lifetime access to all modules, easily accessed from any computer, tablet, or phone, for you to plug in whenever you’re on the go or in-between school drop off, or hockey practice! 

Enroll in your Transformational Parenting journey today!!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls facilitated by Rachel (Valued at $3,333)
  • Instant Access to Online Learning Portal supplied by Jai Institute & Rachel Joy (Valued at $500)
  • Additional science-backed teachings and resources supplied by Rachel Joy (Valued at $359)
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: $149 in savings (Valued at $149)
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Keep your Marriage Strong with the Relationship Conflict & Resolution Guide by John Gottman Institute (Valued at $100)
  • BONUS: Power Parenting Hypnosis Bundle (Valued at $75)
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls facilitated by Rachel (Valued at $3,333)
  • Instant Access to Online Learning Portal supplied by Jai Institute & Rachel Joy (Valued at $500)
  • Additional science-backed teachings and resources supplied by Rachel Joy (Valued at $359)
  • BONUS: Power Parenting Hypnosis Bundle (Valued at $75)

That's A Total Value of over $4,500 for just $749!

And sure, you can do this 1:1 with me for an investment of $3,300 and upwards, but that's not feasible for everybody.

Alternatively, you could do this in a 1:1 setting with a therapist, but if you're to compare it in length, you're looking at $150-$250/hr for a total investment of $2,400 and likely a lot of talking with less forward momentum (been there, done that), and zero subconscious reprogramming (the stuff that counts) 

Or you can buy one of those small-scale, lower cost self-paced digital courses  or memberships for $249, but you'll be lacking the depth, personal touch, and ongoing high-level support that you need to truly integrate the teachings and create lasting change.

That is why the Transformational Parenting group coaching program is the best and easiest way to invest in your family's overall well-being!

It’s time to find a better way, isn’t it? Your children are depending on you!
Enroll today and you'll also get access to these bonuses...

Powerful Parenting Hypnosis Bundle

I get it. Parenting is HARD. And after a long full day of work, you finally get the kid(s) to bed, all you want to do is Netflix and chill, and not spend 30-60 min. On personal development (even though you know that’s what you really should do), isn’t it? 

That’s why I’ve included the Powerful Parenting Hypnosis Bundle for you to have unlmited energy and find this entire journey fun, easy, and simple with three hypnosis tracks: Unlimited Energy, Inner Child Healing, and Playful Parenting. All you have to do is spend 15 min. Each morning or night listening to your preferred track, and watch your identity change in little to no time at all! 

($97 value)

Nonviolent Communication Cheatsheet

I know you’re thinking, “Wait a second…I don’t want to change ME, just fix my child!” But what if changing yourself wasn’t as lengthy, intricate or hard as you thought it would be?

You can’t expect yourself to be a “perfect parent” (if there is such a thing), over night… that’s why I’ve supplied you with the Nonviolent Communication Cheatsheet for all the times you want to shout “stop your crying,” “just relax!” Or “Why don’t you listen?!”, but know that’s creating more harm than good to your child’s self-esteem and model of their world. 

($49 value)

Attachment Repair Checklish

And if you didn’t have any positive role models to support you in your childhood, or perhaps you have mom-guilt like I did for not bonding with your child with severe postpartum depression wondering if you’ll ever be able to help them cultivate a secure and safe attachment which is the key to having healthy and healthy relationships in the real world (beyond just people and intimacy), I’ve got you covered with the Attachment Repair Checklist. 

($49 value)

Millionaire Mama Identity 

If you’re a Mama you’re an everyday unicorn… if you’re a Mama AND an entrepreneur or high achiever in your career, which many of my clients are, then you're an everyday unicorn that leaves a trail of pixie dust and sparkles everywhere you go! Not feeling like you're truly shining the way you'd like? The Millionaire Mama Identity Meditation is here to support you in stepping into your healthiest, happiest, and wealthiest identity for your children! 

($75 value)
Our Commitment & Terms

While we're 100% behind you in coaching and supporting you, we have made the decision to offer NO guarantees. All sales are FINAL. In doing so we are confident we will find the right people for this coaching container. The person who will show up for themselves and commit to the work, as well as the type of person who will show up for the overall experience of the group and community. We want parents who are ready willing and able to put themselves first, because their children, legacy, and future generations are depending on you!


Hi, I'm Rachel!

I'm a Subconscious Success Strategist, and board-certified Trainer, and Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching. Prior to claiming my space in the coaching industry, I had a background in health coaching, personal training, and addiction counseling. Its safe to say that becoming a parent changes you to your core. I am now most passionate about sharing these tools and practices with parents and who have high standards for their lives, and desire complete personal, time, and financial freedom. 

 My work's been featured in media such as The CW Network, Thrive Global, and top podcast Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder with over 37 Million downloads. I am a powerful facilitator of transformational change, and am also the Founder of Transcend Academy; an immersive accredited certification program, designed with the high-level support of a business mastermind, and the immersive experience of a spiritual retreat. I am extremely passionate about helping women claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams.

Visit me on Instagram @TheRachelJoy1 or online at TheRachelJoy.com.

Are you a perfect fit?

  • Wanting more peace and calm, and certainly fewer power struggles with your children?
  • Feel a deep responsibility to equip your child with emotional regulation tools that ensure they grow up happy, healthy, successful, and confident.
  • Feel like you can never catch a break, and would just love to be "off duty" even thought that's not a thing when you've subscribed to #momlife
If any of these sounds like you, Transformational Parenting is for you! 
“Parenting Doesn’t Come With A Handbook,” They Say… OR Does it?!


No, there’s no secret blueprint to raising the happiest and healthiest child. Instead, what you will come to find is in moving through the journey to re-parent yourself through the innocent eyes of your child, both you and your child, will be happier, healthier, and more easily resourced to handle lifes growing pains. 

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
Enroll in Transformational Parenting today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls facilitated by Rachel (Valued at $3,333)
  • Instant Access to Online Learning Portal supplied by Jai Institute & Rachel Joy (Valued at $500)
  • Additional science-backed teachings and resources supplied by Rachel Joy (Valued at $359)
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: $149 in savings (Valued at $149)
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Keep your Marriage Strong with the Relationship Conflict & Resolution Guide by John Gottman Institute (Valued at $100)
  • BONUS: Power Parenting Hypnosis Bundle (Valued at $75)
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls facilitated by Rachel (Valued at $3,333)
  • Instant Access to Online Learning Portal supplied by Jai Institute & Rachel Joy (Valued at $500)
  • Additional science-backed teachings and resources supplied by Rachel Joy (Valued at $359)
  • BONUS: Power Parenting Hypnosis Bundle (Valued at $75)